Granatos 2015

10 reasons to not visit Lithuania for any music lover this summer

1. Radio-friendly hits always push out all the alternative music

VA by Fotografas Kuris Bijo Žmonių

Photo by Fotografas Kuris Bijo Žmonių

Lithuanians love alternative music whether it be heavy metal sounds, inevitably loud noise or dark post-punk. All of that and more you will be able to hear yet again at the Devilstone Festival with the help of local musicians as well as stars from all over the world.

Line up:


2. If you don’t drink, you will never be cool enough to have fun.

Varom by Vilius Pankauskas

Photo by Vilius Pankauskas

VAROM! Summer Festival gathers a huge crowd each year to promote fun without the alcohol and drugs.

Line up:


3. If you’re a truly relaxed person who loves to dance like no one’s watching, don’t come here! You’ll look like a freak among the cold and suppressed Lithuanians

Karklė by Andrius Pelakauskas

Photo by Andrius Pelakauskas

Karklė Live Music Beach is one of the largest festivals in Lithuania where a large dose of positivity is guaranteed by the most energetic line up and an extremely fun crowd.

Line up:


4. You’ll get a cold in the middle of a hot summer at some weird venue

Kablys by Toma Kaliukevičiūtė

Photo by Toma Kaliukevičiūtė

…or you’ll be happy to hide in the dark among other ravers while the sun rises up pretty much as soon as it goes down! Kablys Culture Bar will welcome you to the best of electronic nights throughout the summer.

What’s on?

5. Most summer festivals take place next to some cold deep and dangerous lake

Ant Bangos 2015 by Tautvydas Stukas

Photo by Tautvydas Stukas

…or better yet, by a warm vast and beautiful sea of the Baltic. Just like Opium Club’s annual electronic music festival Ant Bangos which literally translates  “on a tide”.

Line up and tickets coming soon:

6. Art doesn’t really exist anywhere Eastern Europe

Loftas Fest by Tadward Photo & co.

Photo by Tadward Photo & co.

Loftas Fest is coming back again in early September with big names in music and other art disciplines.

Line up:


7. Rain ruins it all anyway

Radistai by by Andrius Burba

Photo by Andrius Burba

Or does it bring people together? Rap, hip hop and all kinds of electronica in the middle of a beautiful Apple Island in North Eastern Lithuania at Radistai Fest won’t let you frown no matter the weather.

Line up:


8. The city pretty much dies in the summer

Vasaros Terasa by Mantas Repečka

Photo by Mantas Repečka

Vasaros Terasa (EN: Summer Terrace) will offer you the biggest amount of great concerts and electronic nights at the very heart of Vilnius.

What’s on?

9. Everyone’s reserved, rude and unfriendly

Mėnuo Juodaragis by Kazimieras Šešelgis

Photo by Kazimieras Šešelgis

Crowds will gather together by cosy fires and quality music stages as the unique Mėnuo Juodaragis (EN: Black-horned Moon) Festival will take place for the 19th time this year.

Line up:


10. Basically, it’s just no fun place to be at all!

Granatos by StepDraw

Photo by StepDraw

Sure they must be doing it right! Surrounded idly by nature and gathering a quality line up, Granatos Festival will show you how to have proper fun yet again.

Line up: