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A much needed intro to No Intro

Music Export Fund has already established that Lithuanian music is in a healthy way, and it’s not only the country’s capital, Vilnius, that keeps producing exciting performers and venues.

If we look over the past few months at venues MXF has visited, it’s clear that a number of small Lithuanian towns are also contributing to the country’s developing music scene through hosting various festivals: Devilstone – Anykščiai; Granatos Live – Rumšiškės; Nibiru – Sidabravas.

Then there are the musicians: Jazzu – Kaunas; Local Blood – Plungė; Fair & Square – Klaipėda…

On November 19, 2015, Artistai Club in Vilnius was treated to another exciting and emerging rock band, No Intro, from Telšiai – one of the oldest cities in Lithuania.

No Intro

Despite forming in 2014, the threesome compromising of frontman Laurynas (who also has a solo project) on vocals and guitar, bassist and backing vocalist Gabrielius, and drummer Darius, are already planning to release No Intro‘s debut EP at the start of 2016.

After their gig at Artistai, MXF sat down with Laurynas to get his thoughts on music export, No Intro‘s favourite venue in Vilnius, plus other issues concerning emerging bands in Lithuania in 2015.

Laurynas on: Sharing No Intro’s music abroad… 

“Lithuania is not a big country and when you’re in the music sphere, you do everything for yourself as well as everyone else.  You get an idea, develop it and then try to share it. I’m sure that there are listeners abroad who would also enjoy and appreciate our music.”

No Intro

Laurynas on: Releasing their debut EP… 

“There are still a lot of things for us to discover, and it will take time for us to begin to consider ourselves as a unique and independent band. We’re working hard on our first EP at the moment and we want to make it as high quality as possible. We hope it will be finished by the beginning of 2016, and we will make a kind of presentation to promote this mini-album.”

Laurynas on: Their favourite venue in Vilnius… 

“We like Liverpool Bar, Artistai, and Vasaros Terasa. There we had some of our most fun moments –  you can feel the atmosphere and the venues’ coziness, and you can easily gauge the mood of the audience.

“If, however, I had to compare such places with festivals for example – well, I appreciate both. At festivals there is always a lot of fun. I like the trips, the preparations and of course, the people. There you have an opportunity to listen to other good bands.

“Although, wherever you perform, there are different experiences and situations. There is no better nor worse – it’s like a rainbow, you have to experience all of the colors! I appreciate them all, because only then you can see the whole picture – let’s call it ‘art’!”

No Intro

Laurynas on: whether No Intro are professional musicians yet… 

“I don’t think any musician would call himself professional, because there is always something to learn, and I’m speaking not only about music – everything is one big life lesson.

“As a band we have much more to offer to our audiences, and there is a lot that could be added to our live performances and songs. However, time is our main problem right now. We’re quite honest with ourselves, and we understand that it’s a long process and we are trying to do our best by giving everything to our songs.”

Laurynas on: Popularity… 

“I’m not sure I can describe the meaning of being ‘popular’; is it counted by Facebook Likes, YouTube followers or people coming to concerts? We just make music for our listeners and everything else is up to them. However it’s still great to have at least one person who really likes what we do during a concert; to see them, the audience, smile is all we need!

Once we played at Saulėtosios Naktys [in Vilnius] and we didn’t know then what to expect. However, we understood that different songs give a different mood depending on whether it’s emotional or energetic. That was so cool to see the crowd feeling the different things we sent to them through our songs.

No Intro

Laurynas on: Fans… 
If you enjoyed our live performances, wait for our EP! It’s the most important thing we’re focusing on right now, and it goes without saying it will be awesome…

 All photos by: Darya Hniadzko.

No Intro will be playing at Liverpool Bar in Vilnius on Friday November 27. More info here.

Article written by George East, with Daria Hniadzko. 

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