Andrius Kaniava

Andrius Kaniava – something extraordinary

“Sometimes people ask which one of my songs I love the most. I used to stress out everytime someone asked that question, but after a while I realised: there is no love between me and my songs.

“There is friendship.

“A sincere and mutually understanding friendship.

Andrius Kaniava“Some songs are like the faces of my childhood friends. Some are like the friends I see everyday. The ones with whom I can talk about politics or maybe the weather.

“Some songs come to me like people I never knew existed. But then, in an extremly short period of time they become very important to me – though, also for an extremly short period of time.

“Some songs are like people I haven‘t seen for ages. I don‘t even know are they alive, or not. And one day, they just pop up in front of me: the man’s doing yoga now and at one point I understand I don‘t know what to talk about with that person.

So this is Andrius Kaniava for you. A famous actor, singer and as you can understand – a storyteller.

Andrius Kaniava His music is quite extraordinary. Every song tells a story and when listening, it kind of reminds you of something you used to know. Something, and you don’t know what exactly, but maybe it’s true – maybe his songs are like old childhood friends you haven‘t seen in ages. Of course, they could remind you of plays created by Keistuolių Theatre, where Andrius acted for many years.

Andrius KaniavaA concert on June 27 th took place in a cosy place called Vasaros Terasa (Summer Terrace). Andrius was ably assisted by Sigitas Mickis and Aleksandras Ten. And what a concert it was! Crowded with happy faces and positive emotions. It was a calm and peaceful Saturday evening but at the same time enriching and unforgettable, at least I can‘t forget the story about songs and friends. By the way, I’m sure that every bookworm would have liked Andrius concert. Why? Because he recited the famous Lithuanian poet and writer Jurgis Kunčinas, and also Charles Bukowski. Do I have to say anything more?

Andrius KaniavaI am very happy I had a chance to talk with Andrius. I asked him if his performance was improvised (because it sure looked like it was) and to my surprise he said yes, it actually was freestyle. He said this is possible, because the group has been together for many years and they know each other very well.

Andrius Kaniava I didn‘t bother him for long, because after the concert people were flooding to take pictures with the singer, and to thank him for a great concert.

In conclusion? I don‘t even think I need to say this, but Andrius is a really special Lithuanian performer and to see him live is to have a great time and experience something extraordinary. I think that “something extraordinary” is the only way Andrius’ music can be described.

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Photos by Gintarė Salatkaitė