Aurum Miles – Few Feets

Aurum Miles’ debut EP “Few Feets” is a great showcase of Lithuanian indie-dance

It is weird listening to “Few Feets” for the first time. You feel dumbfounded not only because of the record itself but for the fact that you haven’t heard of Aurum Miles before too. Then you visit his FB page and see that “Few Feets” is his debut and you are amazed even more.

Aurimas Milesinas, the man behind Aurum Miles, is a producer, songwriter and a DJ based in Vilnius. His world revolved around classic rock and shoegazing until the day he touched JUNO-6, a classic Roland synth that has been making a great comeback in the recent years.

After some years of playing guitar, keyboards, drums and everything that is capable of making sound, Aurimas began to steer into the world of electronica, combining influences from rock and psychedelia.

In 2015 Aurimas was briefly a member of BlowEnder with whom he released an EP called “Drugs No Hugs” before disbanding.

Few weeks ago, his debut solo EP “Few Feets” as Aurum Miles was released on Tokyo-based “Blindetonation Records” label and not only it is a great album, it has great potential for the export.

It starts with a title song that samples Lithuanian sutartinė, although not in a usual dub-techno or ‘modernized folk’ kind of way that we are more accustomed to. It is then met by a deep vocal and a groovy rhythm that draws a bit of comparison to LCD Soundsystem. “Few Feets” sounds modern, danceable and fresh.

Most of the album features 80’s style punchy synths and bass guitar with a touch of electric guitar (most prominent in the solo of ‘Easy Come Easy Go’), making this EP a mix of indie rock and electronic dance music. Aurum Miles’ broad music taste can be felt throughout the record: for example, a guitar solo with organ as a backup is followed by 303 bass that is a signature of acid techno.

‘Mojo’ dives into more electronic and experimental territory with synth pads, bleeps and bloops coming from everywhere. It is the only instrumental track from the album and it showcases Aurum Miles’ production skills quite well although it sounds a bit weak in comparison with his vocal tracks.

What makes “Few Feets” shine even more are the remixes of the tracks by Pardon Moi, Il Est Vilaine and Thomass Jackson. It brings out a synthwave-y feel in “Few Feets” (the track), psychedelic rock influences in “Easy Come Easy Go” and techno in “Mojo”

All in all, “Few Feets” is a great and fun listen that is definitely one of the best Lithuanian releases of the 2018 yet. Listen to it and let us know what you think!

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