ba. release new EP and talk about their latest tour

The frontman of the increasingly popular indie punk/alternative rock band ba.– Benas Aleksandravičius – has recently been very busy.

The Vilnius-based threesome are starting their nation-wide tour on Friday, February 19, their new three-track EP, ‘SAULESUŽTEMIMAS’, is about to drop later in the month, and their live ‘LRT Opus Ore’ concert is also scheduled for release in March.

Music Export Fund meets ba.

While adding the final touches to ‘SAULESUŽTEMIMAS’, Music Export Fund spoke to Aleksandravičius to find out what the latest release represents for ba., the improvements made by hiring a bassist, and the expectations of the upcoming tour.

Oh, and they released a live stream of ‘SAULESUŽTEMIMAS’ on February 19, and you can listen to below…

You’re welcome.

Music Export Fund: How do you feel about the upcoming EP, is it different from your previous records?

Benas: These new songs sound much more powerful and gripping, I feel that the sound represents our evolution as a band and as people. I am really excited about this record.

MXF: You recently took on a new member – Maratas, who plays bass now. Is he responsible for the change in sound?

Benas: Having a bass player definitely enhances the sound and the experience. Maratas has some really good chops – it brings in a whole new dimension to the tone and makes it more fun to play.

MXF: You are about to go on tour around the country, how do you feel?

Benas: We went on tour last year, and it was great. We had amazing reception everywhere we went – it’s incredible. Hopefully it will be like the same this year.


[Image: ba.]


February 19: Kaštonas/ChestNut (Klaipėda)
February 20: Blic Bar (Šiauliai)
February 26: Kūrybinių industrijų centras „Taurapilis“ (Utena)
February 27: Lizdas (Kaunas)
March 04: Fenix Bar (Alytus)
March 17: Kultūros baras Kablys (Vilnius)

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