Baltic Balkan

Baltic Balkan on fire in Peronas

There is no party like Balkanaktis, or The Balkan Night. As soon as its first tunes start to play, the whole venue, irrespective of where it is, feels like it’s burning as a result of its sheer intensity.

Recently, the Peronas venue in Vilnius was the latest place to get the Balkan Night treatment, and it was all thanks to local DJ Spitzin, Baltic Balkan, and a special Mexican/Spanish guest called Gypsy Box.

Baltic Balkan @ Peronas

For more than five years now, DJ Spitzin has been showing the Lithuanian public (and non-Lithuanian alike), that swing music still has a lot to offer, so it wasn’t for nothing that he was asked to open the event.

The drive and groove of Spitzin’s tunes saw everyone get on their feet immediately, and his flirtations with the audience kept them hooked, excited, and wanting more.

The longer his high-energy set ran on, the more people pushed their way from the back of Peronas to the front. With everyone sufficiently fevered up by Spitzin, by the time Baltic Balkan took to the stage, the dance floor was packed with everyone of all different ages and various stages of drunkenness.

Baltic Balkan @ Peronas

The threesome mixes traditional gypsy sounds with hip electronic vibes, and both fit perfectly with the positively eccentric spirit of the trio and their devoted friend Pitchka – a picture of a dog.

The great thing about Baltic Balkan is that they have crazy unique energy running through their veins, and this pours out in their music, meaning they give party-goers exactly what they want from a big night out.

The band’s next two concerts will take place on February 5th at Peronas, and on February 13 at Lizdas in Kaunas.

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