Beissoul & Einius by Matas Astrauskas

Beissoul & Einius – a strong electro opening to summer

Formed almost four years ago in the Lithuanian town of Panevėžys, one of the most interesting music groups at present in Lithuania is electro/soul duo, Beissoul & Einius.

A phonetic transcription of “bass soul” in Lithuanian, Beissoul brings the soul to the pairing, while his “long-term partner in crime”, Einus, mixes in the electronic wizardry.

Since pairing up, this very unique Lithuanian duo have not only strived to improve their musical skills, they have also paid a lot of attention to develop the visual aspects of their performances; something they demonstrated during the summer season opener concert at Vasaros Terasa in Vilnius, May 22.

Beissoul & Einius by Matas Astrauskas

During the gig, Beissoul & Einius mixed songs from their first album, Laikas Paikas, which launched in 2014 at the Tallinn Music Week. They also laid down tracks from their most recent work, a mini album entitled Chamelion, meaning the enthusiastic audience was provided with the perfect opportunity to hear almost all of the pairing’s songs.

The importance of good taste

At Vasaros Terasa, it was the first time I had attended one of their concerts. It made me truly happy to see in Lithuania we have musicians with a good taste in music, and that was reflected in a rich and diverse soundscape, combined with professionally handled live electronic grooves.

To add to the performance, Beissoul effortlessly shared heaps of energy and charisma, and one of the most impressive elements of the gig was how he used sincerity and warmth to communicate with the audience.

Surely, Beissoul’s voice is another aspect that makes the pairing unique, and I think it would be hard to find such an interesting voice not just in Lithuania, but the whole of Europe – it is very soulful, intense, lush, and somehow it becomes an organic part of the pairing’s electronic soundscape.

Beissoul & Einius by Matas Astrauskas

Beissoul’s talents do not just stop with his voice. He’s also a very good dancer, something I feel adds to his charisma. On stage, he is intense in his movements and the unique style of the duo’s clothes and haircuts complement their music, and somehow, makes them even more interesting and powerful.

Beissoul & Einius by Matas Astrauskas

As I have heard from people who have been to several Beissoul & Einius performances, they always radiate professionalism and energy.

Even though during their performance at Vasaros Terasa, Beissoul was suffering from a slight health problem, the duo demonstrated they are a worthy addition to both the Lithuanian and international music scenes.


As they mentioned at the end of the Vasaros Terasa gig, they will perform at some other European venues, and last week they performed at the 2015 Europavox Festival in France and the Berlin Music Video Awards.

They are currently preparing ready for their show in Kyiv on June 6.

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