Carnival Youth @ Liverpool Bar

Carnival Youth Live at Liverpool Bar

On the 12th of February, Music Export Fund attended a concert by young, and increasingly popular Latvian indie rock band, Carnival Youth, at Liverpool Bar in Vilnius.

Formed in 2012, The Riga-based band is made up of Roberts Vanags on synth and backing vocals, Edgars Kaupers on guitar and main vocals, plus bassist Aleksis Luriņš, and Emīls Kaupers on drums and further backing vocals.

Their unique sound, which combines the fresh tinged with the melancholic, saw them crowned 2016’s European Border Breakers Award (EBBA) winners.

Carnival Youth @ Liverpool Bar

Speaking to MXF before the concert, Carnival Youth were keen to explain from the outset that the friendship between the band’s members is the key to their success.

“We started to jam still studying at school,” they outlined. “During those years we had really a great relationship that helped us to have a good and fast start; thanks to that, our band is becoming successful.”

Feeding on the enthusiasm they receive from their fanbase, they transform the positive feedback as inspiration for future releases.

“We take inspiration from every moment and everyone,” the foursome continued. “We love everybody – people, nature, surroundings, plus many other parts of everyday life; all of which can be seen as a type of influence- it’s very pleasant for us to have people who appreciate our music”

“This energy and appreciation is “carnivalish”, and that literally reflects our band’s name”.

Carnival Youth @ Liverpool Bar

When asked what they believe to be their most popular track, they responded that it could be ‘Never Have Enough,’ because it differs from the majority of their other songs due to its deeper nature.

“This song was written in a village, in pure nature,” the band recalls. “The emotions we felt at that moment can be easily heard.

“We always see that the crowd likes this song and they can feel the expression that we put into its music and lyrics.”

Sharing their opinion on performances abroad, Carnival Youth claim they have not noticed many differences when compared to performing in their native Latvia.

Carnival Youth @ Liverpool Bar

“In foreign countries it may be not as crowded as we are used to,” they continued. “And when we visit other countries we don’t see so many youngsters at our concerts.

“Instead, we have a slightly older audience joining us, so that’s nice to see that contrast.”

Since forming, Carnival Youth have gained local and international recognition, and in 2014, their debut album “No Clouds Allowed” won the Latvian award for the country’s best debut album.

“It was a very hard process from the first recordings until the final real release,” they continued. “While we were recording the album, we didn’t think about any nominations or prizes – we just wanted to show what we can do and find our listeners”.

“The first thought about winning came only when we were sitting at the ceremony and waiting for the results. Only then did we understand that we had a chance to win.”

Carnival Youth @ Liverpool Bar

When asked about music export and the challenges of finding an audience outside of Latvia, the band explained that it is a complex, and time consuming process.

“It is not about a specific place or city, but about music you share,” they advised. “It is vital to have listeners, irrespective of where they are.

“It is essential to realise that someone appreciates and likes to listen to what you do”

“Gigs go great if the audience is supportive and we feel good. we don’t think it really matters where that happens.”

Speaking about countries they would like to export their music to in the future, Carnival Youth responded: “There are a lot of countries we would like to conquer, and New Zealand, France, Australia, and Brazil are just some of them.

When space travels develop, we would also like to become the first band to perform on Mars!”

To see more of Carnival Youth in action at Liverpool Bar, simply scroll through our gallery above! 

All photos by Daria Hniadzko.

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