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Colours of Bubbles eye U.S. tour

Lithuanian indie rockers, Colours of Bubbles, are eyeing a concert tour in the United States.

The fivesome are no stranger to touring abroad, and outside of their native Lithuania, have played in Poland, the Netherlands, Germany and France.

Speaking to Music Export Fund before their gig at Liverpool Bar in Vilnius on October 30, Colours of Bubbles revealed they are working on a new album scheduled for release in Spring 2016, and are aiming to conquer the U.S. market.

While the band didn’t reveal the name of the new album, their guitarist and vocalist, Julius Aleksovas, told MXF “the upcoming album will be our best creation yet.

“It will be gloomier and a bit more melancholic than our previous work, but we haven’t forgotten what our music is about.

“Right now we want to release a really good album, so we are doing our best to achieve this goal.

“We also want to play an overcrowded stadium, and to tour and conquer the U.S. would be really cool – that would be a “box ticked” for us.”

In line with their aim of playing in the U.S., Colours of Bubbles also explained why they choose to perform in English.

“We sing in English, because we’re not just concentrating on Lithuanian audiences,” Aleksovas continued. “Our target audience is much wider than the borders of our own country, and as English is the international language, it helps us to communicate with foreigners.

“Sometimes, about twice a year, we have the possibilities to play in other countries, and we’ve already been to Germany, a few times to Finland, plus Latvia and Belarus.

“Singing in English makes it easier for people to understand what we are trying to say with our songs.

“In fact, we’ve never thought about performing in Lithuanian, and for me, it’s more comfortable to create something in English.”

Colours of Bubbles’ next concert will take place at Lizdas in Kaunas on November 20.

Article written by George East, with Darya Hniadzko. 

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