Colours of Bubbles @ Legendos klubas

Colours of Bubbles Live at Legendos Klubas

Indie rock fivesome Colours of Bubbles are well known to Music Export Fund’s readers and indie lovers alike. Since their debut 10 years ago, they have released now EP and two studio albums. They are the band which comes to mind first when asked about Lithuanian rock music – an accolade well deserved.

At Legendos Klubas in Vilnius on March 18, they opened the first leg of their latest album tour, which supports their latest release, ‘She Is the Darkness’. The show was also enhanced by different perfumes; a fitting decision given the album was inspired by band members’ previous relationships.

Colours of Bubbles

A still from Colours of Bubbles’ ‘Rusty Trombone’ music video

The new album presented the group’s new ‘big’ sound, which works best when played live. Songs like ‘Truth or Dare’ and ‘The Edge of the World’ had everyone’s blood pumping, and the band switched between new and the old tracks. This proved a hit with the audience, as it provided a much needed balance between the new sound and their usual indie rock approach.

Colours of Bubbles are really underrated as a live band; I’ve seen them perform live around five times and each time was better than the last one. This night was no exception – they played perfectly.

What was even more exciting, was their use of live trumpets and horns. Colours of Bubbles frequently use brass instruments in their music to create a spaghetti western-like atmosphere but there are usually no live players – just the playback from the record.

Colours of Bubbles

This time they had two guest musicians who filled their role perfectly, and it would be a shame if they were not made permanent members of the group.

The audience loved the show from start to finish – there was almost no gap between the new and old songs – and fans loved it all. As usual, they finished their set with ‘Flags’, their usual ender of choice.

There is no doubt that in a few years, we will see Colours of Bubbles fill the biggest arenas – their new ‘epic’ sound would fit these kind of venues best.

It’s just a matter of time before this group from Šiauliai get noticed by foreign record labels and become Lithuania’s biggest rock music export.

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