Deeper Upper Ceremony Remixes Cover

Deeper Upper launch collaborative EP

Lithuanian indie rockers, Deeper Upper, have released a four-track remix EP entitled Ceremony Remixes.

It is based on their previous 2015 EP, Ceremony.

Released on December 13, Ceremony Remixes sees the foursome collaborate with four other Lithuanian musicians: ba., Justicious, Ophex, and Arfao.

Deeper Upper

Deeper Upper (Photo by: Agnė Papievytė)

Each artist combines their own sound with Deeper Upper’s original, and when asked by Music Export Fund why they chose to perform with these musicians, Deeper Upper replied: “They are great talented artists and we were very eager to hear how their remixes could sound.

“It’s very interesting to discover how other artists can hear and interpret our music, and it’s also a new and effective way to get more inspiration in music creation.

Deeper Upper recording Ceremony

Deeper Upper recording Ceremony (Image by: Justė Urbonavičiūtė)

“In other words, collaboration with other artists can bring some nice results so there’s no reason to not do it.”

Deeper Upper also explained there is not such a tradition of collaboration between artists in post-communist Europe, and believe collaborations are “in essence, a part of Western culture.”

Deeper Upper in the studio

In the studio (Image by: Justė Urbonavičiūtė)

However, the band feels they are necessary for music culture in Europe’s post-communist sphere to develop.

“Collaborations are in essence a part of Western culture, but these unusual musical experiments are the things that make our music industry become more interesting and diverse.

Deeper Upper in the studio

Recording guitar parts (Image by: Justė Urbonavičiūtė)

“However, we think collaborations are happening all the time, and we are glad our remixes album is part of that.”

In November this year, they also revealed to MXF that one of their future goals is to export their music.

Deeper Upper in the studio

Laying down vocals (Image by: Justė Urbonavičiūtė)

The band believes that collaborating with other artists is one way of doing so.

“We believe that since the tracks are re-made in various styles of music, they might appeal to a wider audience and this might get them interested in the original tracks.

“If there are more people interested, then the chances of music export are better!”

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