Deeper Upper release new single “Summer We Lost”

Deeper Upper’s new release is a euphoric synthpop anthem, dedicated to every blissfully sunny day you’ve ever had. The powerfully nostalgic single “Summer We Lost” brings back memories of the best days of your life, replaying the faces of everyone you ever kissed. Drawing on retro sounds without any irony, Deeper Upper’s eighties movie style perfectly matches the uplifting subject of the song, with guitars and reverbed snares just begging to be played through speakers turned up to 11. If you’ve seen Beverly Hills Cop or Top Gun, you know what we’re talking about.

The retro vibe is continued in the video too. Delving into archives of video footage collected during years of touring summer festivals, the band created a collage of clips from all kinds of sources, including their own phones. You get an intimate glimpse of the personality of all four members of the band and the strength of their friendship as they grow up together.

Being on the road is an experience which gives a young band many best (and worst) memories. But as another summer ends, they’ve chosen to look back with affection on the amazing experiences they had, and not to worry too much about the other stuff.

Deeper Upper//Rytis Šeškaitis

Photo by Rytis Šeškaitis

About Deeper Upper

By putting together synthesized sounds, powerful drumbeats, sophisticated guitar e ects and expressive lyrics, Deeper Upper tell stories of a modern human living in the digital age.
Although their first full album was released only recently (2016), this four-piece already stands tall in the Baltic indie scene. Deeper Upper have played most of the biggest festivals in the Baltics thus gaining a dedicated fan base in the region.

They also won the best music video award at the Lithuanian Alternative Music Awards for their video “In the Sands of the Desert”.

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