Deeper Upper

Deeper Upper to play at UK’s Great Escape festival

Lithuanian rockers Deeper Upper will play at The Great Escape festival in Brighton, which takes place between 19-21 May 2016.

So far in 2016, they played 12 gigs in Western Europe in February, and hope that their participation in The Great Escape festival will bring greater awareness to them, and the Lithuanian music scene in general.

“We wish that Lithuanian music would get more and more attention abroad, because we really do have great talents here and the world has to know about it,” Deeper Upper told Music Export Fund. “We are happy that we can be a part of this growth.

“We are looking forward to the performance at The Great Escape, but making new connections is equally important for us.

“We hope to broaden our music industry horizons and meet professionals from the field.”

Deeper Upper

Deeper Upper live [Photo by: Step Draw]

The band also explained that since forming in 2010, they have worked consistently on exporting their music to a wider audience outside of Lithuania.

“We started targeting a broader audience with yearly Baltic tours in 2013, and in 2016 we have organised a Europe-wide tour, which includes 12 concerts in Western Europe.

“What we have learned is that it’s not easy to get noticed and that you have to put constant effort into it.

“One of the biggest challenge when you’re on stage abroad is that you should not have any expectations about what’s going to happen.

“People might love you or they might ignore you and you can’t predict any of this until the show starts, but all this experience makes us grow.”

Deeper Upper are not the first Lithuanian band to perform at The Great Escape festival. In 2015, psychedelic rockers Garbanotas Bosistas played at the event. In 2016, Deeper Upper will be joined by other Lithuanian musicians – Alina Orlova, Without Letters and Condor Avenue.

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