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Despotin Fam to deliver ‘Vienas’ LP at Loftas Fest ‘16

Despotin Fam’ is a well known hip-hop crew from Lithuania. It began more than 10 years ago as a collaboration between Vaiper (Vitalij Puzyriov) and Shmekla (Paulius Sugintas). Not so long ago, the pair became a foursome after being joined by Liezhuvis (Justas Rudžianskas) and Laikrodis (Vytautas Endriulaitis).

Since forming, Despotin Fam has released a handful of EPs and albums, and along the way, has gained plenty of recognition on the hip-hop scene. Not content with this success, the newest addition to Despotin’s discography is ‘Vienas’, which will drop at this year’s Loftas Fest.

Despotin Fam’s newest studio effort is their most international collaboration so far. First of all, Vaiper is the only member of the group who lives in Lithuania. Other members are scattered across the world between London, Berlin, and even Melbourne. The album itself was recorded in those cities as well as in and around Vilnius.

‘Vienas’ was split into four parts with four tracks scattered across four EPs, meaning the upcoming LP is a full 18 track album.

Vaiper by KOOL ZEUS

Vaiper by KOOL ZEUS

“We had all these songs in our hands and tried to find a way to fit them in the LP,” Vaiper tells Music Export Fund. “There was no better way to do it except to release it via internet.

“The first single ‘Nemiriau’ was released in spring 2015, and during that autumn we decided to release the first ‘teasers’ of the full album. That sparked the idea of having a four-part LP.”

‘Vienas’ draws on a variety of genres ranging from soul and funk, to modern electronica. There are also rumours of an instrumental release of ‘Vienas’.

Although there is no exact concept, ‘Vienas’ explores the ideas and opinions of four different personalities.
“We were very different people all along,” explains Vaiper. “After some of us moved away, the differences became even more apparent. Despite that, we are united by the opposition to dull and shallow thinking. I think we are able to find common ground between us, and it works.”

“The 2004 LP ‘Iš Kitos Ekrano Pusės’ was a complete teen protest album, but everything that followed was a sign of us maturing,” Shmekla added. ‘That said, we are still teenagers… but in a good way.”

“This release differs from the previous ones by its main themes, which are loneliness and longing (the word ‘vienas’ can be translated to ‘one’ as well as ‘alone’),” Vaiper explains. “The way ‘Vienas’ was recorded was very different too, because we visited one another a few times to work on some of the stuff in person.

“There are no noticeable hits on this LP,” he admits. “Everything flows together and the message that is coded in the lyrics has to settle in listener’s ears for some time before it is understood and appreciated.”

Speaking of the upcoming performances, Shmekla told MXF: “Live performances are more fun than the traditional four MC’s and a DJ set up. The best shows we have ever done were alongside a live band!” 

Despotin Fam will perform at Loftas Fest ’16 on September 3rd.

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