Rock ‘n’ roll has no limitations and Devilstone 2017 can prove it

All-round growth is what makes any festival worth its salt. And though Devilstone festival has already been taking place since 2009 and making its name as one of the leading metal festivals in Lithuania, one could say that it is just now that it has fully matured. By maturity, I mean not only dozens of massive headliners in a line up, but rather a realization of what actually makes the festival unique and attractive to the wider audience, both national and foreign.

It wasn‘t until last year that Devilstone decided to take a risk and bring more diversity to the line-up by booking few critically acclaimed non-metal bands such as Holograms, A Place to Bury Strangers and Soft Moon. This is one of the few reasons why Devilstone 2016 was a blast for many of us.

It seems that last year’s success was only a beginning of a much more significant change in Devilstone’s philosophy. The festival has always branded itself as “an extreme rock & roll resort” – this year it’s extreme all right. Maybe even too extreme for some. Naturally, I’m talking about the brand new Turbo stage with a bunch of local DJs and guests from abroad. This place will become an all-night nursery for those who revel in dark and experimental electronica.

Although Turbo stage seemed out of the blue to die-hard metal fans, it shows the festival’s growth genre-wise. By incorporating more diverse music into the festival, Devilstone not only manages to broaden it’s target audience but also contributes to the export of Lithuanian alternative music.

Devilstone 2017 presents a rich selection of country’s recently discovered artists/bands as well as already recognized musicians, thus gradually establishing its role as a hub of Lithuanian alternative/underground scene.

Devilstone 2016

Photo by Domantas Kvedaras

MXF’s recommended live acts @ Devilstone 2017


LOCAL BLOOD. The foursome released their first record last winter and it looks like it is the most diligent post-punk act at the moment.

BA. After almost half a decade since the first single, ba. remains one of the most popular alternative rock bands in the country. This year, the band released their sixth EP “Garsiai mąstau“ and performed at Europavox festival in France.

SOLO ANSAMBLIS. Former sung-poetry band is a collective of four actors who put their heads together to create poetic, yet catchy post-punk/synth/disco music.

ANTONIO RISQUE. Although the original emo genre seems to be non-existent almost anywhere outside the US, this band manages to bring a unique combination of hardcore, punk and emo.

ABUDU. Among all other festival’s bands, Abudu definitely stands out with their fragile, slightly lo-fi psychedelic rock.

SUICIDEOSCOPE. One more unexpected act in Devilstone 2017 line up is Suicideocope‘s t(rap) project. Some may see its resemblance to Yung Lean and his “sad boys“ phenomenon but Suicideoscope represents living in a cold post-soviet reality. „Sad“ is relative, when you think about it.

Devilstone 2016

Photo by Giedrius Matulaitis

Three nights of raving at TURBO stage

Dark disco rituals

The very first night in Turbo stage is going to roll in slowly but surely. Interiors along with the Whypeopledance duo are known as the gurus of experimental dance music. Interiors’ sets are always pulsing with sunken beats, thus maintaining eerie and seemingly never-ending tension between the most hypnotic tracks. In addition to that, Whypeopledance will deliver their selections of dense, grim sound textures. Witness their black magic unfold from the decks on Thursday night.


Industrial techno/synthwave experiments

Mantas T., SHN and Polyester have a vast background in techno and house music. The trio are the veterans of the Lithuania’s electronic music scene: Mantas T. is the founder of Partyzanai label, Polyester is the head of Sha:Tri:Ah and SHN is a proud head organizer of Supynės festival. For the special occasion, some special selections have been prepared, so don’t expect any dull techno of Friday night. Not on their watch.


Powerful sorcery of drum & bass

I think we can all agree that drum & bass has something raw and primal about it that allures even those who aren‘t too keen on electronic music. This year it’s our intelligent drum and bass ambassadors Hathor, Onis and Raven who will guide the dancers through a dark yet mesmerizing, other-worldly pattern of drum & bass music. Come here on Saturday night and get absorbed by the deep and enchanting basslines and fiery syncopations.


This year’s edition of Devilstone festival will also include various workshops and discussions with music journalists, promoters and musicians themselves. Come to the Gama stage on Friday 2 PM and hear the MXF director Mark, as well as other participants discussing Lithuania’s alternative music export potential.


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