DEWFORANIMALS @ Studio 9 review: venue is everything

The chosen venue for a dance music night has to suit the performing DJs’ sound, and one of Vilnius’ most popular clubs, Studio 9, was the perfect place for DEWFORANIMALS on November 20th.

The name DEWFORANIMALS is used both for a team of DJs and a radio show, which focuses on fresh urban culture and electronic music. The show is broadcast every Tuesday on and is hosted by Justicious, Dom O’Conner and Daiva Davai. These three DJs from the Lithuanian capital were also the headliners at Studio 9.


The first DJ at the booth was DJ JM. His mixes were dark, completely electronic, and without vocals. It was the perfect background sound for those who had just arrived to the club. Nonetheless, the easy start quickly became high volume, pumping music, and people gradually moved away from the bar to dance.

The Next DJ, Justicious, began to play his set dead on midnight. As people entered the club, Justicious’ catchy start quickly made them realise that the ticket for the event was well worth its price.

His future bass set was prepared with DJ JM, and the post-dubstep sound spread through Studio 9 on the back of a mix of ambient notes, combined with R&B vocals and hip hop beats.


Justicious’ enormously energetic set was played over the course of an hour, and by the end, everyone had hit the dance-floor.

Daiva Davai, originally Vilius Lengvinas, was the fourth musician, and although the Studio 9-ers were tiring by 2 a.m., the young DJ used his low-frequency music to give the audience a second boost of energy.

The event was closing by Dom O’Conner, whose music was noticably calmer in comparison with the previous musicians. However, that was exactly needed to wind down after going full rave. His rhythmical beat perfectly suited those who wanted to keep dancing, and those who wanted to relax.

To sum up the night, the whole place was full of high-quality electronic music. The vigorous DEWFORANIMALS team worked tirelessly to share their energy, and it showed that all genres of electronic music in Lithuania are interesting and if you’re a fan of the genre, should be followed.

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