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DIY music promoters in Vilnius are buying an abandoned house and will turn it into a culture centre

Eight years ago, a bunch of friends got together and started organizing events. Thus STRCAMP was born – one of the most famous non-profit, DIY music festivals in Lithuania. The guys behind it oppose following predefined standards and support DIY production based on experimentation and enjoyment of creative process. Now they are onto something bigger.

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The building

A few days ago it was announced that after years of depending on other venues and seeking for a perfect location to establish their own place, a perfect candidate was found in a form of abandoned two-storey building. 550 sq. meter house in question is located by Vilnelė river not far from Vilnius’ downtown. It is accessible by public transport, meaning that there is great potential for the place that could eventually evolve into a cultural epicenter of DIY music scene.

The people behind the project got excited and didn’t want to miss the chance, so they acted fast. They signed a preliminary sale-purchase contract and then went ahead to check their savings accounts. Long story short, it was not enough. The amount they’ve got is enough to cover half of the price so now they are putting all hopes in a public crowdfunding campaign.

DIY music culture centre's proposed location

The house in question

What if they succeed

If the $77k goal is met, that would mean a lot to Lithuania’s music culture. There are not nearly enough music venues in Vilnius for people in the alternative music scene so it’s needless to say that a whole building dedicated to that would be a significant step forward.

Moreover, this centre, which is planned to open in the fall of 2019, will not be your regular concert venue. According to the project’s Indiegogo page, it will include all needed facilities for the artists:

  • a concert hall,
  • a recording studio,
  • a music library,
  • a gallery space,
  • a projection room,
  • a residency,
  • a canteen and cafe.

What can you do to help?

You should definitely check out their campaign video where one of the idea originators, Matas Labašauskas, explains the project in-depth with the full history of their previous endeavours. Finally, please consider buying one of their products on indiegogo. Every dollar helps and the success of this project will undoubtedly mean a lot to Lithuania’s music community.

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You can follow the guys on Facebook.

Or check out their website for the previous events.