Domantas Razauskas and Karališkas Džiaugsmo Arkestras

Domantas Razauskas and Karališkasis Džiaugsmo Arkestras at Vasaros Terasa – unlike anything they’ve done before

This concert wasn‘t anything like Domantas Razauskas and the band had ever done.

When I asked why, Domantas replied:

„Everybody thinks I am a performer of sung poetry, but really I am a rocker.“

Domantas Razauskas and Karališkas Džiaugsmo ArkestrasSo maybe I should explain: for everybody of you who know Domantas Razauskas’ music and had been to a concert or two, it is a fact that electric guitars were not in the act. This time they were. Try to imagine how differently the songs came out.

Domantas Razauskas and Karališkas Džiaugsmo ArkestrasFor those who don‘t know Domantas’ music – it‘s as if he is a painter, but he doesn‘t use brushes or pencils, instead of that – he uses words. Usually these paintings are quite impressionistic. You can picture his songs in your mind, but only for a short while, because every song has at least a few of those „paintings“ inside them. They rush through your head without stopping and saying hello.

Just listen:

This song is entitled The Dark Side of The Moon

Half of everything I see is a man overboard

Half of me is the ship, which left him there

Half of everything you thought was God – just bad weather

Half of what I thought was you – a part of me

Half of everything that could have been the devil was only dust

Domantas Razauskas and Karališkas Džiaugsmo ArkestrasThe concert was called „Domantas Razauskas ir Karališkasis Džiaugsmo Arkestras“ (Domantas Razauskas and the Royal Arkestra of Joy) and took place in Vasaros Terasa (summer terrace). The KDA is a rock band consisting of six people – Donatas Petreikis (sax, electric guitar), Marius Leiburas (drums), Paulius Rukas (bass), Simas Butavičius(violin), Nerijus Bakula (accordion).

Domantas Razauskas and Karališkas Džiaugsmo ArkestrasI enjoyed how Domantas talked to the audience – not very much, but sincerely, which is rare.

I asked him how he feels after this (and every other) concert and he said he feels exhausted.

Not what you were expecting?

Well, he said he feels exhausted physically and emotionally, but in a good way. I guess that‘s what happens when you give every last bit of yourself to the thing you do in life.

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Photos by Žiedūnė Mardosaitė