Ritmos Kovos IV

Ritmo Kovos IV released by Dubplater

Lithuanian music distribution company Dubplater has released Ritmo Kovos IV – the latest compilation in the Ritmo Kovos series organised by Renegades of Bump.

The 17-track album was released on December 20, 2015 and completed by legendary Lithuanian musicians Vaiper, Deep Shoq, and Nevera.

It features artists who have previously featured on Music Export Fund, such as GON, NapoMünpauzn and Justicious.

“We are always in search of the most relevant beats, no matter if they sound eclectic or weird,” Renegades of Bump wrote on their Bandcamp page. “If it’s a fresh sound – we are on it.

“No matter if it’s made by a well-known producer or a youngster, our mission is to find all the best Lithuanian beatmakers who are still grinding and hiding their talent in bedroom studios, and to encourage them.”

“The Ritmo Kovos series is already legendary and we’re proud to support this release, making sure it’s mastered professionally and distributed in as many places as possible,” said Dubplater boss and MXF CEO, Mark Adam Harold.

He added that the series is “also a great way to get into the Lithuanian beats scene.”

Renegades of Bump was founded in Lithuania in 2010.

It is a community of alternative music producers, and according to its Facebook page, promotes: “modern beats from Lithuanian streets.”

More Information:

Renegades of Bump official Facebook: www.facebook.com/roblithuania

Buy Ritmo Kovos IV HERE: renegadesofbump.bandcamp.com/album/ritmo-kovos-iv

Buy Ritmo Kovos IV on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/lt/album/ritmo-kovos-iv

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