Ernestas Sadau – Vilnius Brigade / YouTube photo

Ernestas Sadau goes hard with a music video documenting the criminal past of 90s Lithuania

Ernestas Sadau, best known as a part of Digital Tsunami family, released his latest techno banger “Vilnius Brigade” this week, alongside the music video by Paulius Tautvydas Laurinaitis.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Lithuania entered the so-called ‘wild capitalism’ period, during which a number of gangs emerged throughout the country. Ernestas Sadau’s video borrows the name from one of the most famous ones – Vilnius Brigade. It was active during the 90s and based most of its activities in the capital of Lithuania.

Paulius was approached by Sadau thanks to his earlier video about 90s gangs.

“I used a modified five-act structure for the video” – says Paulius. “Criminal gangs were a consequence of the decay of 1980s USSR. They showed that any effort that tries to liberalize a failed system is futile. Sadly, our young country inherited those groups.”

The video serves as an introduction to the 1990s in Vilnius. Although the scent of recently regained freedom is in the air, the organized crime groups were flourishing. The video reaches its climax in the third act which, along the fourth one, shows that in the end, we dealt with the situation quite alright. According to Paulius, he left the fifth act open for an interpretation.

Speaking about how the video will be perceived abroad, Paulius Tautvydas says he didn’t want it to affect the image of Lithuania negatively. “I think the aesthetics of the music video helps with that – it’s all archive footage. The video shows what happened back then and it’s not the same nowadays. I suppose it will be seen only as exotic, yet sad reminder of those times when many innocent victims of organized crime perished”.

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