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Why Freaks on Floor’s latest album deserves international comparisons

If you have listened to Freaks on Floor before, you probably know that they have always flitted back-and-forth with their sound, and danced a line between between melancholic ballads, and bouncy funk rock. Well, it seems that this time they have finally settled on a definitive style, and their third and most recent album, ‘Waves, is their most solid piece of work so far.

Freaks on Floor

Freaks on Floor performing @ Loftas by Rytis Šeškaitis

One word to describe ‘Waves‘ would be energetic’, with ‘Hunting for Love‘, and ‘Adolescence‘ serving as the most funk rock-friendly, energy driven tracks. At the same time, in terms of having an overall vibrant edge, the album is not far short of a complete package.

Hold on to Me‘, is a ballad about love for couples to hug and kiss to at concerts, ‘Anymore‘ is for those who have just broken up and want to feel independent and strong again, while ‘Body and Soul‘ is for those who need to trust themselves more…

…On the other hand, as fun as it is to enjoy those classic underpinnings of a number of rock songs, the album lacks any real surprises. Predictable lyrics are not of much help either.

Freaks on Floor

Freaks on Floor performing @ Loftas by Rytis Šeškaitis

Nonetheless, the album’s mood is positive, it’s friendly, and it sounds consistent and complete. The only song that seemingly doesn’t fit entirely is the opening track, ‘From The Bottom Of My Heart‘. It sets the album off with a nostalgic, soothing tone, which doesn’t necessarily prepare you for what is coming. However, it makes sense, because each of the tracks ahead will undoubtedly see the listener reflecting on some memories of their own.

If you want an international comparison, think of Freaks on Floor as somewhere between The Black Keys, Kings of Leon and Foo Fighters. It’s good old 21st-century rock. No frills.

Overall, then, ‘Waves’ is an album to listen to when you are happy, to listen to when you want to improve your mood, and to listen to on your next roadtrip with friends.

All photos by Rytis Šeškaitis

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