Garbanotas Bosistas - Room for You

Garbanotas Bosistas comes back with ‘Room for You’

Garbanotas Bosistas (Šarukas Joneikis (vocals, guitar), Mantas Joneikis (guitar), Kipras Pugačiukas (bass guitar) and Mantas Augustaitis (drums)) have been fairly active since 2012 when they released the debut EP ‘Venera’. With ‘Oh My Brother’ as its main single the Vilnius’ foursome gained many fans thanks to their laid-back and optimistic vibes with a pinch of psychedelia.

Their best years, however, begun with the debut album ‘Above Us’ in 2015. The 8 track album with songs like ‘Gėlėta Suknia’ (‘Floral Dress’) and ‘Autumn Leaves’ instantly became sing-alongs at their energetic and lively shows. They played bunch of festivals in Lithuania and abroad, namely Great Escape (UK), Liverpool Sound City (UK) and MENT Ljubljana (SI).

Since their debut LP Garbanotas Bosistas received many comparisons to Tame Impala and Mac DeMarco so it was expected that their new album will follow what the popular psych bands are doing nowadays: synth-heavy albums with a mix of chorus-y guitars. Thankfully, the guys didn’t choose the easy way and stuck to their own thing.

Room for You

The first single of the album, ‘Last Summer’s Day’ (released in the begining of September) marks the end of their 2 year studio silence. It is a dreamy 5 minute composition that awakens nostalgia for the summer. The single was followed by a music video by Martynas Valius, shot on beautiful, vintage film (even more nostalgia-tier!).

The album itself sounds like what you would expect of Garbanotas Bosistas – a tight collection of both: psychedelia infused, Led Zeppelin-like ballads and banging rock tracks. It would not be fair to say that the band have reinvented themselves but that’s not a bad thing. The record sounds more polished, direct and confident than anything they have released before.

One of the best tracks of the album, ‘Morning Again’, is one of those Garbanotas Bosistas’ tracks that beautifully and seamlessly goes back and forth between English and Lithuanian (they did that in their last LP with ‘Autumn Leaves’) and ends with a fantastic, sort of noisy guitar solo.

The latest single from the band, ‘Long Ago Far Away’, was released last month alongside a contrasting, almost Lynchian music video featuring Džiugas Gvozdinskas and Elijas Martynenko. Speaking of influences that shaped the video, the band (who made the video themselves) said: ‘we played with plasticine in our childhood years a lot. You can take a piece of it, give it some warmness and it lets you to shape it, make something else out of it. That’s how the idea of plasticine breakfast came about’.

‘Room for You’ will be released on vinyl that can be pre-ordered here.

If you want to catch the band live, the best chance is their album release show at LOFTAS on December 14th. RSVP here.