GJan invited by Sony, Universal and APG after instant YouTube success

The first Lithuanian artist to break through on YouTube was young female vocalist GJan back in 2012. Coming out of nowhere, she shook up the local industry and showed it’s possible to reach new audiences via social media, at home and abroad. Her instant hit “Not Afraid” has been viewed four million times.

She followed up with more hits, “Tattoo”, “Need Your Love” and “Now You”.

GJan has since been out of the public eye, negotiating with people all over. She was invited to Los Angeles and Berlin, to meet with representatives of Sony, Universal and APG (Artist Publishing Group), with a view to developing her international career.

We had a lot of fun in the US and Germany. It all sounds fantastic, but there is another side: Eventually you understand there’s no guarantees, no certainty, you come up against barriers in the market. But we are delighted to have established connections there.

GJan in Delfi.lt
Interview by Karolis Vyšniauskas
The new single "Nobody Around"

The new single “Nobody Around”

Her latest single is featured in the new advert for O2 water in Germany. This is a long-awaited return to the scene for GJan, and hopefully the start of the next stage of her life in the music industry.

We wish her luck!

GJan on YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCffk0-fAK4iU2-I7xQA3Ksg

GJan on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/GJanOfficial

Full interview here with Karolis Vyšniauskas on Delfi (Lithuanian) – http://www.delfi.lt/pramogos/muzika/jav-ir-vokietija-aplankiusi-gjan-sunku-patiketi-viskuo-kas-ivyko-per-situos-metus.d?id=67691804

Photos by Rokas Jansonas