Golden Parazyth

Golden Parazyth at Tamsta review: rock, rave and chill

Do you want to rock? Do you want to rave? Do you want to chill? Go to a Golden Parazyth concert – they’ve got this all covered.

Made up of Giedrius Širka and Aurimas Vilkišius, Golden Parazyth are a Lithuanian music duo who play an unexpected mix of styles, ranging between electronic, EDM, chillout, electro, and indie rock.

Golden Parazyth

Golden Parazyth (Photo by: Maz Lin Noir)

Their eclectic mix of sounds also seems to bridge the gap between individuals’ music tastes, so could this be one of the secrets of their success?

And success is something the duo are no strangers to – since forming in 2005, they’ve performed with a number of international artists, including Hurts, GusGus, Nicolas Jaar, and SOHN. In terms of export, they’re no strangers to that either, after having played a number of European festivals.

Today, though, they’re at home in Lithuania, so let’s talk about their recent gig at Tamsta in Vilnius.

Golden Parazyth

Golden Parazyth: (Photo by: Maz Lin Noir)

Smooth music flowed from Golden Parazyth, and brought Tamsta-goers together from the tables to the dance-floor . They rocked. They swayed.

The audience sang. The audience applauded. The performers interacted with them between songs. They were thanked and in return, gave thanks.

This interaction built a rapport between the band and their listeners, and this two-way energy transfer contributed to the show’s dynamic and energetic finale. The atmosphere felt magic, but to feel that, it was only possible to do so in the here and now.

This, then, was one hell of a live show. And it was Golden Parazyth’s show.

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