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Indie nights with Colours Of Bubbles

Better later than never – Colours Of Bubbles were to perform at Vasaros Terasa at the end of spring. However, the concert was put off because the guitarist had an accident hours before the show. Eventually, the event took place at the beginning of July.

Neither the broken leg of the guitar player, the aftermath of the accident, nor the rain that had been pouring down all day could ruin the long-awaited concert.

Their fans, who always welcome the band warmly, burst into applause after every song. You can easily see that the guys from Colours Of Bubbles are big in this town, which isn’t very surprising – at the beginning of this year they won the Rock Band Of The Year Award at M.A.M.A. (Music Association’s Annual Awards), the biggest Lithuanian Music Awards. Their recent album “Inspired By A True Story” is acknowledged to be one of the best in Lithuanian indie music.

Colours of BubblesIndeed, the music of Colours Of Bubbles grabs you with its sincerity, simplicity and sophistication at the same time, a hint of darkness mixed with the spirit of freedom.

Colours of Bubbles decided to shake things up a little and turned their usual setlist upside down. The band’s biggest hit “Flags”, the one they tend to save for dessert, was the opener to the show, not leaving the audience a ghost of chance to warm up – they went straight to dancing and singing along at the top of their lungs. “Raise your hands, raise your flags, raise your voices!” – those who up to this point had been sitting, stood up from their places.

Colours Of Bubbles is a band that always gives 100% to the listeners. And that is probably one of the reasons they are so loved here in Lithuania and elsewhere – wherever they go.

Colours of BubblesThe middle of the concert gave the attendees a strong feeling of nostalgia, when Colours Of Bubbles started playing their old classics – “My Little Sue” and “Today”, followed by hymn-like “Things You Need” and the deep melancholic “Keep Asking”.

Colours Of Bubbles remember their roots. That is why their brilliant song “Home”, which they always introduce as a song about Šiauliai (the name of the band’s hometown), has become one of their signature pieces.

The concert would not be complete without an encore. For the encore Colours Of Bubbles brought another classics of theirs –  “Toilets Of Space” and blended it with what they had started with – “Flags”. There could be no better ending to that evening.

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