Ugnė and Martynas

Jazz duo Ugnė and Martynas: For us, music is life, not just our lives

The concert at Paviljonas in Vilnius on June 17 marked the first live performance for jazz duo Ugnė and Martynas, which is made up of jazz singer Ugnė Bakanauskaitė, and her music partner Martynas Norvilas on accordion.

For the duo, their love of music stems from childhood. No surprise then, that both are graduates of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, with Bakanauskaitė having studied Jazz Voice; her musical partner Accordion Studies.

At their first live performance together – in May this year, Ugnė and Martynas recorded the track Indifference, which is available on YouTube – I was fortunate enough to be able to speak to the duo before they took to the stage.

The first thing I asked Ugnė was why she chooses to sing in French, to which she responded “I learnt French in school, and we both like French music,” with a smile. “We both like jazz, we both like French music, and this evening we’ll play some of our favourite songs.”

Ugnė and Martynas

Ugnė and Martynas enjoying being on stage

While speaking to them, I also asked Martynas about the future of the Ugnė and Martynas pairing. He answered “we will see,” but for me, I have a feeling this French-language duo sticks will become a firm fixture on both the Lithuanian and international jazz scene for a long time to come.