Alina Orlova at Senamiesčio Žiogas

Positive vibes in Kaunas with Senamiesčio Žiogas

The little cultural grasshopper of Kaunas events Senamiesčio Žiogas (En: Old Town Grasshopper) comes back to Ryšių Kiemelis 837. Two concerts have already passed – we visited and reviewed the most recent. Midsummer Day was last Wednesday, and this Friday was a perfect lazy evening for a sung poetry festival. Senamiesčio Žiogas with its trumpet (check the logo of this festival) awakens the city for the ninth year now – bringing bards and acoustic performers to Kaunas from Lithuania and abroad.

This year Senamiesčio Žiogas had something new to offer – starting strongly with a great selection of musicians. The second concert suggested some magical sounds to its listeners: Alina Orlova – multilingual singer and songwriter, actors and singers Gediminas and Ainis Storpirštis, American style acoustic performer Peter J. Birch from Poland and a cute duet from ŠiauliaiJonė Urniežiūtė and Donatas Blanka.

Jonė Urniežiūtė and Donatas Blanka at Senamiesčio Žiogas

Jonė Urniežiūtė and Donatas Blanka. Photo by Milda Dambrauskaitė

One person and his instrument – that’s the very idea of a bard, the image of festivals’ logo and the joy of natural sound for Senamiesčio Žiogas listeners. Peter J. Birch started the show, accompanied by his guitar and spectacular voice – no wonder he is welcome in many European countries and holds up to three concerts a week, usually in different countries. Deep and low sounds, American accent and youthful charisma make Peter a great music export of Poland. He had roughly 15 minutes for the performance, but the audience was hooked immediately when the string of his guitar broke and he sang the song anyway, only clapping his hands and singing acapella – all of the audience sang along.

Peter J. Birch at Senamiesčio Žiogas

Peter J. Birch. Photo by Reda Riepšaitė

A calm and peaceful show was presented by the romantic duet of Jonė Urniežiūtė and Donatas Blanka afterwards. The real-life couple sang lovely songs in Lithuanian, rhyming about love, nature and happiness. Smiles of the performers were a cherry on top – the show couldn’t become any sweeter.

Other real-life related singers came on stage later – Gediminas Storpirštis and his son Ainis. The playful and theatric performance made the children from the audience run around the stage and adults clap their hands and sing along something funny and meaningless like “Sara Bara Bu”. Lithuanian actors, singers and songwriters Gediminas and Ainis showed their best.

Gediminas and Ainis Storpirštis at Senamiesčio Žiogas

Gediminas and Ainis Storpirštis. Photo by Reda Riepšaitė

Alina Orlova came on stage very modest and simple – this mood didn’t go away during the performance – Alina kept thanking her listeners and bowing them. A piece of splendid sung poetry was given to the audience. Alina Orlova performed short songs with strong lyrics – everything accompanied by the marvelous voice of her made the short pieces very easy and enjoyable to listen. Her unusual manner of singing, high vocals and smooth piano part were the components of a great show.

Alina Orlova at Senamiesčio Žiogas

Alina Orlova. Photo by Reda Riepšaitė

Expecting a lazy Friday everyone got some clapping, singing and laughing. This surprising and positive festival keeps its traditions – surpassing the expectations of the listeners one more time.

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