ba. (pictured) was the winner of Lithuania's Best Music Video award

Lithuania Announces Its Best Music Videos

On April 13 2016, four of the best and most popular music videos from Lithuania were announced at the Vilnius International Film Festival.

The winning videos were based on decisions made by a jury panel – which Music Export Fund‘s Editor, George East, was part of – plus viewers preferences.

The categories were: Best Lithuanian Music Video, Best Debut Video, the Jury’s Prize for Unique Vision, and the Audience’s Choice.

On April 3, a panel of six judges were required to watch a number of music clips from Lithuania at the Pasaka cinema in Vilnius, and rank their five favourite videos from 1 – 5 with 5 scoring the highest.

MXF on the Kino Pavasaris judging panel

MXF on the Kino Pavasaris judging panel for Lithuania’s best music video [Image by: Lingailė Ruzgaitė]

When speaking about his involvement in the decision making process, George said: “I’m really happy that I was asked to be part of the jury panel. When making these decisions, it’s incredibly important to remember that Lithuania has only been an independent country for 25 years, so what we are seeing now are the first ever “unique” Lithuanian music videos.

“It’s clear they are trying to find their own way and these videos are not carbon copies of anything from MTV or some other music channel.

“The videos are extremely creative, but are made on almost zero budget compared to anything from the West – this shows the resourcefulness of the Lithuanian character.”

The Vilnius International Film Festival finished on April 14.

The Winners:

• Best Lithuanian Music Video: ba., ‘SUGEBĖT PASIKEIST’

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• Best Debut Video: Vidas Bareikis, ‘Babkės’

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• Jury’s Prize for Unique Vision: Manfredas, ‘Uumellmahaye’

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• Audience’s Choice: Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio dantys, ‘Į Venesuelą’

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