Local Blood

Local Blood: “We would like to become famous abroad”

Local Blood, an emerging post-punk band from Plungė, Lithuania, recently revealed to Music Export Fund that they would like their music to be recognised outside of their home country.

The (then) foursome, made up of Šarūnas (vocals and guitar), Žygimantas (drums), Laurynas (guitar) and Kęstutis (synths), also explained to MXF why they choose to perform in English.

Local Blood

Despite not having a bassist at the time of the interview, Local Blood confirmed they had found one shortly afterwards.

Speaking before their “biggest concert yet” at Liverpool Bar on October 30 as a supporting act to Colours of Bubbles, Local Blood clarified that while they haven’t yet finished recording their own material, they choose to sing in English as opposed to their native Lithuanian because “it is easier to explain what you want to say.”

Local Blood

“We write our songs for everybody, and we would like to become famous abroad,” said Šarūnas. “Perhaps it is easier to explain what you want to say in English, and what’s more, I like the sound of the words.”

Regarding how Local Blood will achieve their goal of exporting their post-punk, Joy Division influenced sound from Lithuania, Šarūnas believes that in addition to singing in English, it is important for the band to play as much as possible in order to get a serious offer to achieve their export goal; something they have not yet been able to do due to the band’s growth from a two-piece to a five-piece.

Local Blood

Meanwhile, in reference to Local Blood‘s future, Žygimantas added “at first we’re looking for stability, then great things will happen.”

Article written by George East, with Daria Hniadzko. 

More information:

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