Loftas Fest 2015

Loftas Fest 2016 – Opening a new season in the city

For the fifth time this year, Loftas Fest is going to fill Vilnius’ urban district Naujamiestis with a great mix of music, cinema, theater, design, art, delicious food and a huge fun crowd, on the 2nd-3rd of September.

Always attracting a variety of people, including kids (who this year will enjoy a new circus tent), Loftas Fest is a perfect event to wrap up the summer. This year’s headliners include such world-wide famous artists as Gesaffelstein and Daughter as well as many beloved local acts such as ba., MC Mesijus or Ministry of Echology.

Loftas Fest 2015

Loftas Fest 2015 (photo by Gytis Vidžiūnas)

Curious to hear more about how such a huge and successful celebration is organised, Music Export Fund spoke to five of the festival’s organisers: Živilė Diawara (head of strategy, one of Loftas and Loftas Fest founders), Vincas Vinkevičius (administrator and volunteer coordinator), Indrė Pavilonytė (communication manager/PR), Modesta Kalkytė (designer), Algina Navickaitė (executive produser and head of art department) and Goda Pereckaitė (music project manager).

Loftas Fest 2016 Preparty

Loftas Fest 2016 preparty (photo by Nikita Voitovas)

When asked what special meaning Loftas Festival has to them, the team agrees on the event’s ability to bring a lot of positivity into their lives, each year.

Vincas: Loftas Fest to me is a great way for expressing myself. It’s extremelly fun to make something that’s only in our heads evolve into a final result in reality, with the whole of Loftas’ team.

Indrė: It’s a challenge that stimulates me to develop. It’s also the most interesting weekend of September when in a few days you can experience the biggest variety of emotions and meet the most interesting people.

Loftas Fest 2015 by Saulė Bluewhite

Loftas Fest 2015 (photo by Saulė Bluewhite)

Algina: It’s a place to free your imagination.

Živilė: It crowns all our creative ideas and activities of the year. To me, it’s the most important event of the whole year next to our What’s Next?  conference for creativity and future trends which is happening in November.

Goda: A celebration of great up and coming music as well as arts and youth in general, also it’s the beginning of a new season!

Loftas Fest 2015

Alex Krell at Loftas Fest 2015 (photo by Gytis Vidžiūnas)

While to the organisers Loftas Fest naturally becomes the most important event of the year, they hope that the audience feels the same way.

Vincas: I think that the audience trusts Loftas’ music taste.

Živilė: Loftas Fest shows how creative Vilnius is. The festival becomes a form of expression not only for us but the entire Naujamiestis community and the whole city. Creative city-inside-a-city, really. Also this festival kind of opens the season of the city when everyone returns from their holidays and Vilnius is full of life again.

Loftas Fest 2015

Loftas Fest 2015 (photo by Saulė Bluewhite)

Indrė: It’s a musical, fun, industrial two-day party in the middle of the city. Without the tents and the mosquitoes – comfortable and reachable from anywhere in Vilnius.

Goda: I hope it takes a special part in our audience’s hearts as it is the only urban music festival in Vilnius.

Loftas Fest 2015

Loftas Fest 2015 (photo by by Gytis Vidžiūnas)

Loftas venue, as well as hosting the festival, has always been a platform for discovering new good music as it constantly evolves and follows the needs of the audience and the trends of today.

This year the festival will be the biggest it has ever been which will offer lots more to see, to hear, to experience.

Loftas Fest 2015

Loftas Fest 2015 (photo by Gytis Vidžiūnas)

Indrė: The territory of the festival will be nearly twice as big as ever which means double the fun! There will even be a circus! To me as a huge cinema lover it’s very pleasing that alongside various art performances and interesting musical discoveries, there will be a lot of films.

Živilė: We will have a huge outside area with three stages, an open gallery, family kingdom, cinema theater, design market and other activities, all of which will be free. A huge innovation is also the showcase stage and the What’s Next in Music? conference – which this year we organised together with the Lithuanian music business association. [Editor’s note: MXF will be appearing at the conference – more news here]

Each year we show a lot of attention to the visual side of the festival and this year we will focus on that even more – more artists, more activities to hold your breath. It’s not only for your ears but for your eyes as well.

Vincas: It’s best if you come and see for yourself!

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