LRT Opus Young Bands 06.02 Kaunas

LRT Opus hosts summer 2015’s Battle Of The Bands – expect the unexpected!

When talking about newborn bands, always expect the unexpected.

New musicians may bring some unknown and expressive sounds, but unfortunately, those sounds may also be something you don’t want to listen to again or, as I like to say, “too experimental.”

Fortunately, on June 2 at the first LRT Opus Battle Of The Bands of summer 2015 at Ryšių Kiemelis 837 in Kaunas, there were plenty of sounds I’d happily hear again.

Fresh new talent

Five bands, Effy, MC Gralis, LitRoll, RavenJack and Wolfsome played to their absolute maximum in designated 15 minute slots to the crowded venue.

While the evening at Ryšių Kiemelis 837 was predominantly served a blend of blues influenced rock and rock‘n‘roll tunes, there were two performers who bucked the trend – Effy, who covered Toxic and Personal Jesus, while MC Gralis, who has already launched a CD, rapped his way through his slot.

The event at Ryšių Kiemelis 837 was the first stage of a summer-long contest, which allows artists to compete on a weekly basis for the chance to record one of their songs in a professional recording studio.

The eventual winners will also be given the opportunity to perform at Loftas Fest in Vilnius at the end of summer.

Of the five artists performing, three made it through to make it to the next round of the contest – RavenJack with their half-dressed blues influenced performance, the loud and impressively professional Wolfsome, and MC Gralis’ rap.

On June 9th, the next round of the contest takes place once again at Ryšių Kiemelis 837 with five more bands – all of who have big expectations to fulfil.

Link to event

(From June 2 to August 26, the same event is taking place in Vilnius. More info here ->