Markas Palubenka

Markas Palubenka Live at Lizdas

Markas Palubenka is a well known indie-electronic musician from Vilnius.

Since making his breakthrough five years ago, he has played countless shows, won a few M.A.M.A. awards, released two studio albums and  a handful of EP’s.

His definitive style can be described as indie mixed with minimal electronic music.

Palubenka is a one-man band, and during his live shows he usually plays the guitar and sings while the electronic elements are played through a computer.

Markas Palubenka

Markas Palubenka [Photo by: Karolis Juozapas Sabeckis]

While most of his music is in English, his current tour is called ‘Gėlo žodžio turas’ (English: The Tour Of The Pure Word) meaning he plays most of his Lithuanian songs along with his English ones.

Music Export Fund went to his show at Lizdas club in Kaunas to see what it was about…

Palubenka arranged his set accordingly, and included songs from all of his releases – from his 2012 debut ‘No Fun in 101‘ which can already be called a Lithuanian indie classic, to his 2015 release ‘Puzzleman‘.

Markas Palubenka

Markas Palubenka [Image by: Justas Poliakas]

His ability as a guitarist and fragile voice were on top form as he worked through a 90-minute set of 20 songs, which were more meditative than the usual head bangers that are played in Lizdas.

Despite not being sold-out, the crowd seemed pleased and they appeared to be transferred to an almost trance-like state thanks to Palubenka’s amusing beats and calming voice.

If Lithuanian alternative music is your thing, Markas Palubenka is one of the key people you can’t miss out on.

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