Mesijus x Münpauzn to release ‘Pomirtinis’ EP – the first esoteric hip-hop album in Europe!

One of the most interesting Lithuanian hip-hop duos, Mesijus x Münpauzn, recently announced their latest EP, Pomirtinis (EN: Afterlife), which will act as a sequel to the last year’s highly successful #UŽGROTŲ. Along with the release, the duo will do two supporting shows – October 7 at Largo, Kaunas, and November 5 at Liverpool Bar, Vilnius.

Music Export Fund reached out to Mesijus and asked him few questions about the upcoming release. When talking about the concept of Pomirtinis, Mesijus explained that after ‘#UŽGROTŲ’ him and Münpauzn hit a wall, and that the idea for the latest album started from the womb and ended with death, the ultimate ending. “Then we thought that the afterlife is an interesting concept which is worth at least a short album,” he said. “The EP features songs about reincarnation and the origins of the human race. We won’t be leaving out behind pragmatic themes like inheritance and pharmaceutical industry though, the latter of which puts a lot of effort into making people immortal. [I think] Pomirtinis is the first esoteric hip-hop album in Europe!”

Mesijus X Münpauzn

Mesijus x Münpauzn

The EP will feature six songs, one of which is called ‘Jie išskrido į kosmosą’ (EN: They Flew to Space), and fans got a glimpse of the first minute of the song on the group’s mixtape ‘Piurė Futuré’. They also performed it at their live shows. However, ‘Pomirtinis’ will feature a completely new version of the track, along with five other songs that have never been heard before.

Mesijus is known for packaging his releases in a quirky way. Paskutinis Repo Albumas featured casing which had lottery-like scratch cards hiding the lyrics, while #UŽGROTŲ included a personality test. Pomirtinis will give listeners the chance to take a look into a heaven where they are able to see themselves. To do this, Mesijus gathered fan photos of fans’ bored faces (he even got a photo of a dog) and illustrator Lina Vyšniauskaitė painted them all. ‘”It will be pretty difficult to recognise yourself because in heaven all people look alike – they don’t have any hair or distinct face features. The dog is hairless too!”

Most of Mesijus’ releases are concept albums. “It’s more interesting this way, because a concept album has more meaning. A typical album is just a collection of songs that you have recorded in a particular time period. I think an album is like cement, so it should bind the songs together,” he explains.

“Having a concept makes it easier too,” he continues. “Instead of starting from the beginning each time you write a new song, the album itself shows you what songs you should write to make it full. After writing the first track for #UŽGROTŲ, ‘Tu Vagis’, (EN: You Are a Thief) we had an idea for ‘Tu Pareigūnas’ (EN: You Are a Policeman) to balance things out. After that it just gets easier. It is more fun when album talks to you and tells you what it needs, so you sort of become an instrument and carry out the album’s will.”

Mesijus x Münpauzn

Mesijus x Münpauzn

Pomirtinis will mark the end of a three release run for Mesijus and Münpauzn, as they will part ways for some time. “I am sure we will definitely work together in the future again, but as of now, we need to find some new concept which would drive us forward. Yesterday Münpauzn said that the next release could be an ambient album!’ concludes Mesijus.

However, this doesn’t mean that he is taking a break. Mesijus and Adas Gecevičius (Sheep Got Waxed) are working hard for the Spring release of the debut LP of their project ‘Vilniaus Energija’ (EN: Vilnius Energy).

Make sure to catch their shows at Largo, Kaunas (October 7) and Liverpool Bar, Vilnius (November 5) because it’s the only chance to hear Pomirtinis live in full and to buy it from the hands of the creators. If for some reason you won’t be there – write to Mesijus himself and he will give you the instructions on how to get a copy!

More information:

Mesijus Official Facebook: facebook.com/mcmesijus

Listen to Mesijus x Münpauzn HERE: https://open.spotify.com/artist/51tJbtLGB90l8QN3lxh0ai