Sacred Tears LP

Migloko – Sacred Tears: the search for new scapes proves successful

Lithuanian musician-artist-performer Migloko (Miglė Vilčiauskaitė) could not have picked a better time to drop her new LP ‘Sacred Tears’ (Tilto Namai). A collection of new songs appears to be perfect for cosy listening in a dim room with a cup of hot chocolate and fairy lights glistening off the Christmas tree. And for some dancing around too.

The album is like swinging on a rope swing – ups and downs all around, best expressed in the first track ‘Wild Cat’ with soothing verses and dance-y chorus that sets the tone for the rest of the sonic ride.


The mixture of genres on ‘Sacred Tears’ is impressive just as well. One can find nearly everything ranging from lounge jazz, fado, R’n’B to EDM or lo-fi indie folk. Migloko shows off her impressive vocal range, especially in the aforementioned track ‘Wild Cat’ as well as in ‘Sand and Hair’ and ‘Butterfly’, the latter of which draws comparisons to Pink Floyd’s ‘The Great Gig in the Sky’.

Starting off relatively slowly in the first part, album takes an almost unexpected turn with ‘Cow Song’ which makes one, if not get their dancing shoes out, at least do some hip-swinging. This is where the R’n’B and EDM influences shine their brightest.

Following tracks ‘Sacred Tears’ and ‘Right One’ only serve to prove this point moving further away from instrumental compositions towards groovy synths. The last track of the LP ‘I Know It’ wraps it up by pacing down the rhythms while retaining the electronic instrumental which brings the first and the second parts of the album together. It makes for a solid farewell.

Instrumentation in the LP is as varied as it was on her first LP. Big jazzy drums, soft piano touches as well as ukulele, guitar and double bass were all combined to create the desired calmness and dimly snug atmosphere, whereas the drum samples and synths later on explode into body-rocking tunes that leave no muscle unused.

‘Sacred Tears’ sees the artist as she drops her previous tri-lingual (Lithuanian, French and English) approach and focuses on solely English songs. Although this may seem as a loss in terms of a more varied experience, the language choice makes up for a better consistency and easier listening. It seems that on her first release Migloko wanted to show us all of her colours and now, after 7 years, the direction is much clearer.

Overall, the album and its wide array of influences and a well-maintained consistency leaves a positive impression. Tasteful experimentation, eclectic arrangements and beautifully crafted tracklist is what defines this album. Migloko’s Sacred Tears is absolutely the one to check out this December!

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