The cover of Ministry of Echology's 'Wanderer'

Ministry of Echology begin tour of UK-recorded album

January 9, 2016, saw Lithuanian reggae/dub band, Ministry of Echology, begin a supporting tour of their second studio album, ‘Wanderer‘.

The tour began in the port city of Klaipėda and will take place around the rest of Lithuania.

The seven-track ‘Wanderer’ album was launched by alternative music label, Muzikos Zona on January 9 at the Klaipėda gig.

‘Wanderer’ was recorded by the 10-piece band in May 2015 at the Big Jelly Studios in Ramsgate, Kent (UK); some 130 kilometres south of London.

Ministry of Echology

Ministry of Echology recording [Image: Ministry of Echology]

It was remixed and produced by one of the pioneers of the Lithuanian ska/punk genre, Dr. Green.

In the run-up to the release of ‘Wanderer’, M.O.E. also revealed a new single called ‘Inna Vilnius City‘, which will feature on the album.

The song was played at festivals and solo concerts in Lithuania and abroad last year.

Ministry of Echology

Ministry of Echology performing live in Kaunas (photo by: Arthur Bulota)

Due to its popularity amongst listeners, the band decided to record a studio version of the track for ‘Wanderer’.

They hope it will increase their already existing international fanbase.

According to one of M.O.E.’s vocalists, Dominyka, ‘Inna Vilnius City’ is a “kind of diary, [because] the song is simple and clear, as was the story behind it – it’s a story about love and a lucky accident.”

In addition to their January 9 gig at Kaštonas in Klaipėda, M.O.E will also perform at Loftas in Vilnius on January 14, and will be followed by a digital version of ‘Wanderer’.

The vinyl version of the album will be released in mid-2016.

The final venue for the ‘Wanderer’ tour will be Orixo in Kaunas on January 22.

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