The cover of Ministry of Echology's 'Wanderer'

Ministry of Echology’s latest album gives new life to Lithuania’s reggae scene

Welcome to the Lithuanian reggae scene, and say hello to its most popular representative, Ministry of Echology.

Ministry of Echology is a 10-piece group, who perform roots reggae/dub music and unsurprisingly – because if they weren’t good, we wouldn’t be talking about them* – they do it very, very well.

While the band is – by 2016 standards at least – unusually large, its size works well and allows Ministry of Echology’s musicians to swap musical ideas in an endless flow of uplifting notes and rhythms. In short, their energy is infectious.

Despite the broad and versatile spectrum of musical genres listened to in Lithuania, for a long time reggae was relatively excluded and relegated to being played in garages and at home.

Ministry of Echology @ Loftas

In this respect, Ministry of Echology were the pioneers of the genre thanks to their immensely popular debut album from 2014, ‘Notes & Quotes’.

Fast-forward to early 2016, and they finally released their second album, ‘Wanderer’, which starts with the smooth track, ‘Inna Vilnius City’.

With its title referencing the Lithuanian capital, the opening track is the only one that’s a reminder of the band’s Lithuanian roots. Every song is performed in English, and the lyrics are both error free, and ridiculously catchy.

While ‘Wanderer’ is a short album – it only has seven tracks – it draws on the traditional Rastafarian narratives and believes of peace, love and the searching for something more.

Moreover, despite the similarities between roots reggae and dub, Ministry of Echology has managed to make every song in the album distinctive and memorable.

It is possible to say more, but why waste time? After all, music is made to be felt, so buy ‘Wanderer’ and go feel it.

*Editor’s note – it’s true! 

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