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Mouca Records: Lithuania is a “small country with huge music potential”

According to Portuguese music promotor, Augusto Lima, Lithuania “is a small country with huge music potential.”

Lima, who runs the independent Mouca record label, is currently working on a project, which will see Mouca release a trilogy of Mixtapes featuring emerging artists from Lithuania, Portugal and Germany.

The first Mixtape will be dedicated exclusively to Lithuanian artists, and is scheduled for release on September 23, 2015.

When asked by Music Export Fund why he chose to focus on Lithuania, he replied: “It’s a small country with huge music potential.

“It already has a very good reputation in terms of jazz, mostly avant garde and free jazz.

“Vilnius is hosting one of the most important underground jazz labels in the world, NoBusiness Records as well the great Vilnius Mama Jazz Festival.

Lima hopes the “triangle” created between Lithuanian, Portuguese and German musicians will “open new possibilities for all these artists to play in these three countries.”

Lima’s Lithuanian Mixtape will also feature Lithuanian psychedelic rockers, Garbanotas Bosistas, who signed with Australian publisher, Source Music, on September 8, 2015.

He was also key in helping Garbanotas Bosistas secure a gig in Berlin on September 23 for the launch of the Mixtape.

“I like their last album (Above Us) a lot, and I really want to see them playing those songs live,” he said.

“They are also on the Lithuanian mixtape, and it also seemed to me a great way to start working with this great venue in Berlin – Acud Macht Neu.”

Speaking about the future of music export from Lithuania, Lima said he does not believe whether the artist choosing to sing in either English or Lithuanian is a contributing factor to export success.

“When I contacted some venues in Portugal for the Eglė Sirvydytė show, some people asked me if she was singing in Lithuanian or English, as if that was a factor of success.

“We have many examples contrary to this logic, like Sigur Rós or Lisa Gerrard.

“I think the best way of doing things is trying to get to the right people, the ones that will be really interested in what these musicians are doing.

“I can see Garbanotas Bosistas playing the same show as Tame Impala, but I can also see Kamanių Šilelis joining Konono No.1 on a big stage, or Mmpsuf playing with Portishead.”

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