MXF Pub Quiz 16 December 2015

MXF wraps up 2015 with Lithuanian music quiz

On December 16 Music Export Fund finished 2015 with their first ever event, the MXF Music Quiz, which took place at the Šiuolaikinio Meno Centras in Vilnius.

MXF Pub Quiz 16 December 2015

The questions created by local celebrities, Karolis Vyšniauskas, Daina Dubauskaitė, Martynas Levickis and DJ Mamania.

A full house turned up to ŠMC to try and win a christmas pot plants and a 100 euro gift voucher from the Soundium music store.

MXF Pub Quiz 16 December 2015

Famous comedian Paulius Ambrazevičius, one of the founders of Humoro Klubas, headed the legendary Red Hot Chili Kaimas team.

With a winning score of 46.5 points, RHCK took the four plants and the voucher home. Their nearest competitors were NVA in second on 25 points.

Team 42 finished third on 24 points.

MXF Pub Quiz 16 December 2015

Everyone agreed the highlight was the round hosted by Lithuanian BeatBox star GON, who sang the Name That Tune round.

He beatboxed popular Lithuanian songs. Eyebrows were raised, people said “ooooh” to this new slant on things and come the mid-way break, MXF was told GON was “awesome.”

MXF Pub Quiz 16 December 2015


And on that awesome note, Mark, George, Paulina and Tom at MXF would like to thank everyone who came and contributed for being awesome, everyone who has supported us throughout our first year for being awesome, and thank you to Soundium for being an awesome sponsor to our first event.

MXF Pub Quiz 16 December 2015

The Soundium Box

We’d also like to thank Waldemar from Lady Gothenburg who despite being let down by his team, still showed 303 Squadron spirit by turning up anyway. He said: “I would like to see a series of MXF music quizes in near future – a great idea and done professionally.”

So, from all of us at MXF, have a wonderful christmas and new year. We’ll see you in 2016!

All photos by: Paulina Ružauskaitė.