Music Export Fund Staff

MXF Staff Recommend Four Musicians From Lithuania

We’re a diverse bunch here at Music Export Fund, but one thing we all agree on, is that Lithuania is creating some properly good music, and it’s a shame it doesn’t always get the reach it deserves abroad.

Anyway, we’re here to fix that…

Over the last few weeks, we’ve put our heads together to decide which musicians from Lithuania we would recommend for export.

Unfortunately, we were able to choose just one each because this would run on forever, but as always, we’re open to new suggestions…


(Above: Justicious also has a side project, boikafé)

Mark (Director) says: “I like bass, and he likes bass. I like musicians who understand that this is the music business, you need to work hard and learn a lot of stuff.

“I like to see people who get a team together and get their friends involved, and who constantly work to spread their work as far as possible.

“And I like musicians who aren’t afraid to sound different to other musicians.

“There’s quite few people like that in Lithuania, but I can only choose one, so I’ll choose Justicious. And my favourite track is the one he provided for the We Will Riot soundtrack, “CHCKRS“.”

One of Lithuania's finest - Justicious

Justicious (Photo by: Raimundas Adžgauskas)

Buy Justicious HERE:…-will-riot/id1001883934



(Above: “Tai Ne Žmogus” by ba. – attitude; buckets of)

George (Editor) says: “It’s no secret I’m a big rock music fan, and ba. ticks all the right boxes.

“My Lithuanian is s**t, but that doesn’t bother me much when listening to him. His voice is incredible, and the fact he sings in Lithuanian makes it better. Like many rock musicians here, he isn’t trying to mimic a Western counterpart and that makes him special.

“His live performances carry the same sacks of energy and attitude as his recordings. Even if you don’t understand what he’s singing about, the quality of his music and raw talent speak heaps.

“He’s definitely one the biggest hopes for Lithuania’s rock scene at the moment.

“He should be welcomed wherever he chooses to play – it doesn’t matter if it’s Vilnius, London or wherever else.”

One of Lithuania's finest - ba.

ba. (Photo by: TWODICKS)

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(Above: Fingalick – yet another example of awesome Lithuanian electronic music…)

Paulina (Project Coordinator) says: “Well, he stands out because he sounds “Western”. Of course, that alone might not be a reason, but it does surprise me in a good way that a Lithuanian artist can do that.

Fingalick‘s music is very high quality, and he does not stay in one place – his music has changed a lot since he started.

“He also has a band called Without Letters, and that shows even more musical diversity – being able to play different tunes and quality tunes are the two main reasons why I would pick Fingalick over other Lithuanian producers.

“I’m also picking a producer and not a band because I think electronic music is, at this moment in time, better than live music in Lithuania.”

One of Lithuania's Finest - Fingalick

Fingalick (Photo by: Off To Somewhere)

Buy Fingalick HERE:



(Above: Papuga – ready to make waves outside of Lithuania)

Tomas (Distribution Specialist) says: Papuga is one of the most talented electronic music producers from Lithuania.

“He started out making dubstep and dark, heavy drum’n’bass, but his sound has now evolved so much over the years as he’s constantly searching for new sounds and trends, and always trying to stay fresh and progress.

“He is quite experienced now and mature to go to the next level and make some waves outside of the local market.

Papuga had a very strong last year and I’m sure there so much more to come from him!”

One of Lithuania's finest - Papūga

Papuga (Photo by: Papuga)

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