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No Real Pioneers review: Yes, Lithuanian screamo is awesome

Music Export Fund has already established that Lithuanian rock music is in a healthy state, but on November 18, 2015, Vilnius was in for something different – one of the country’s increasingly popular and unique bands, No Real Pioneers, played at nArauti club.

No Real Pioneers

What, then, distinguishes No Real Pioneers from the number of other excellent rock bands emerging from Lithuania? Their genre.

On their Facebook page, No Real Pioneers, made up of Gabrielius (guitar/vocals), Karolis (bass) and Lukas (drums), describe their sound as “post-rock, screamo and indie” – on paper, then, this should not work.

It does, though. Very much.

No Real Pioneers

As the band took to the stage to begin their 45 minute set-list, No Real Pioneers wasted no time in tearing into their opening track, Praise The Future, from their first release entitled Demo.

The biggest surprise was how Gabrielius’ abrasive screamo vocals worked with Karolis’ bass and Lukas’ drums – think System Of A Down meets Rammstein meets Black Sabbath meets Velvet Revolver. And that set the tone for the night.

The ability to combine thrash metal, classic rock, and their self-described “post-rock, screamo and indie” sound showcases the threesome’s musical abilities and intelligence. “Intelligent music”, then, would be the one term to describe No Real Pioneers.

No Real Pioneers

And that intelligence and musical ability set the tone for the rest of the set; genres were spanned, guitars shredded, basses thumped, distortion was heard. Things got heavy. Good.

No Real Pioneers’ fans were also treated to a new track, which is yet to be named. Again, the element of the un-known didn’t deter them, and it was well received by their increasingly enthusiasic audience – #HeadbangersGonnaHeadbang, right?

However, the highlight of the evening came around the band’s penultimate track, Not The Day To Fall – a swelling, properly post-rock number, with a floor-shakingly heavy drop, and as Gabrielius stepped back from his microphone, No Real Pioneers’ fanbase joined the frontman in a singalong worthy of a much larger venue.

No Real Pioneers

If, then, the band played intelligent, quality music, was there anything wrong with the evening?

Unfortunately, yes. No Real Pioneers’ deserved far more fans than were present. Given their talent, and having supported better recognised acts and playing at Lithuania’s Devilstone festival this year, it seems almost tragic that their music has only been played live within the Baltic States.

It’s about time that changed.

Photos by Paulina Ružauskaitė and justesmwhr.

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