Golden Parazyth

Opium Club – making for “a stellar rave” in Vilnius

One of the most important facets of a successful music event is a correctly matched venue. The club, where this event took place was Opium in Vilnius; a firm favourite among local electronic music lovers.

Opium has an unusual design, which is perfectly tailored to live music – it also has a dark room, which slaps listeners with a ban on photography and filming, leaving them alone with pure sound.

The event at Opium was all about techno/house, and the headliners, Golden Parazyth, are famous enough among the electronic music community, so it must be worth seeing them live, right?

The first performer who stepped into the DJ booth at dead-on midnight was Vytas – a Lithuanian-born musician, who currently lives in Berlin. Strangely, however, it was his first time playing in his home-country.

As Vytas’ set started, there were about 50 people on the dance floor, but as it gathered momentum, his ethereal sounds attracted more and more new people. Come the end, the dance floor was rammed. Melodic and atmospheric, his set was the best possible welcome to club-goers who’d just turned up at Opium for a night out.


Vytas by Flo Maak

Next up behind the mixing console was Gvidas, the founder of the “Partyzanai” label. An experienced musician, his set was more straightforward and all about rhythms and bass. His beat from almost the first minute took firm control of the listeners’ bodies, and over the next hour, they were firmly in his grasp.


Gvidas by ULA LIUKA

After Gvidas wrapped up, a new stage opened featuring Golden Parazyth – the night’s main act. There were not as many vocals as I expected, but their music? It’s special.

Without doubt, the pair have created their own sound over almost a decade of being together, and their sound was much more complicated and multi-layered than the previous musicians who performed.

They played for about an hour, which to be honest, wasn’t long enough for a headline act. Nonetheless, in contrast to the acts who’d been up before them, they appeared to play more “alive”.


Shkema by ULA LIUKA

Shkema wrapped things up in Opium, meaning there were less people around. But for me, his set was equally as awesome as Golden Parazyth’s.

Shkema’s set differed from what the others played – the melodies sounded like voices, which assured you that everything was on point, and he is definitely more than deserving of a massive open air gig with an audience of thousands.

To sum up the night, it’s clear that while Lithuania is a small country, the Lithuanians definitely know how to make high-quality electronic music and stellar raves… Export more Lithuanian music and musicians!

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