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MXF is a non-profit organisation founded by musicians, for musicians.
We help you to go professional and make money from your recordings worldwide.

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We provide career advice, legal advice and essential services for taking your career to the next level.

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Community and knowledge sharing are the key concepts that contribute to someone becoming a professional. This is sooo true.

Domas Strupinskas, Composer

During my short career in music I already noticed that one of the most important things in the business is connections. MXF is a great place to start!

Istvan Keymono, Manager

I like the feel when my music spreads through various channels and starts a life of its own. MXF are helping my music to spread even further.

Boikafé, Producer

Creative services

Our native-speaker English writers are here to write beautiful text for international use, and we can help find amazing designers, photographers and videographers. Just ask!

Fighting for your rights

We’re stronger together. We campaign for artists’ rights and protections, so our members don’t get ripped off by pirates or underpaid by big companies.

Corporate services

With our directory of talented members, we can find and provide the perfect music for business projects, movies, advertising and events.

Meet the MXF team

Mark Adam Harold
Motiejus Ramašauskas
Paulina Ružauskaitė
A/V Producer
Tomas Paliūnas
Andrius Vaškevičius
Client Manager