Paprika Korps @ Loftas

Paprika Korps Live at Loftas

What’s the best way to get rid of the post-weekend blues, you ask? The cure is not always easy to find, but sometimes you just get lucky, and this is what happened when Paprika Korps brought their dark dub and reggae sounds to Loftas on Sunday March 20.

Paprika Korps @ Loftas

This awesome Polish sextet visited Lithuania for the 12th time and presented a number of new songs, as well as some of their best known hits.

It was impressive how free and relaxed the band members looked on stage, and looked as if they were playing for some of their closest friends at a house party. They walked on stage wearing plain t-shirts and jeans, said their hellos and told the audience that they would be playing lots of new stuff, so something might go wrong. They also added that this only makes the show more interesting for them, which is nice to hear when you keep in mind that the band has been around since 1996.

Paprika Korps @ Loftas

But really there was nothing to worry about. Paprika Korps sounded clear and confident, throwing one dub piece after the other. Meanwhile, the background was filled with cool visualisations, mostly animated monsters and skulls, which resonated nicely with the music.

You can’t just put a “dub/reggae” label on Paprika Korps’ music and get away with it. Of course, the vocals are extremely reggae-ish, but their sound also includes many elements of rock, which can be heard in guitar solo interludes, plus some other really complicated rythms. It’s definitely darker and heavier, especially when performed live. At times it almost seemed like many separate puzzle pieces. However, these pieces do fit and are glued to each other by way of some wavy dub sounds.

Paprika Korps @ Loftas

Anyhow, the atmosphere was great and literally every single person in the audience was dancing, and it included real raveheads, obvious reggae lovers, and also a fair amount of people who one would usually expect to be involved with local punk and hardcore scene.

By the way, big up to Piotrvocal/keyboards/melodica Piotr, who, in his “free” time on stage, was raving like no one’s watching.

Paprika Korps @ Loftas

So yeah, complex sounds, good vibes and lots of dancing – that’s the way Paprika Korps does it.

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