Pramanai combine rock, jazz, indie and poetry in central Vilnius

“There was no myth, no tales, and no legend. No iron wolves appeared in any of the band members’ dreams; neither did any short skirted muses. They didn’t come to create legends, they came to create music. It was a Sunday in July,” is how Mykolas Jokubauskas, Laurynas Vaitulevičius, and Gediminas Stankevičius, the three members of the band Pramanai introduce themselves on their Facebook page.



The thing is, though, it was neither July nor a Sunday when Pramanai performed in Artistai; one of Vilnius’ best summer pubs. That said, through the calm atmosphere they created, it certainly felt like a Sunday, and even though I had to, I was chilled out enough to feel I didn‘t have to go anywhere or do anything. By the look of things, I certainly wasn‘t the only one feeling like that, either.At this point, you may be considering what genre of music Pramanai play. Well, there’s a bit of everything from rock, blues, country and jazz, to indie and funk. I think this level of variety is one of the reasons that make this threesome so appealing.

As for the lyrics, they’re close to poetry and address emotions we can all relate to – hopes, loves and fears. That‘s the thing about poetry, everyone interprets it differently, so if you go and listen to Pramanai, you may interpret things completely differently to me. That’s also another reason why I’m recommending you to go and find out.



“Isn’t it strange when people create meanings for words and later can’t understand one another” – a quote from one of the songs.Despite the serious tone of their music, Jokubauskas, Vaitulevičius and Stankevičius were funny, and their interaction with the audience was genuine. They were also very polite after the concert when I jumped in front of them and said “Hello, I’d like to take your picture!”


Laurynas, Mykolas and Gediminas

Back to the music, though. For me, there is nothing better than seeing musicians who make music not because it’s their work, but because it’s their passion. I believe music, and art in general, cannot be just work – its passion or it’s nothing, and Pramanai, thankfully, is a great example of the latter.I could end this article by repeating why you should check Pramanai and their music out. Instead I’ll round off with a quote from the band as they finished their setlist:

“And no more words are needed. Here history starts, and you have a chance to be part of that history (…) our bodies, hearts and souls are waiting for your applause at our concerts.”

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