Psichodelinis šuo

Psichodelinis Šuo: almost blues rock from the ex-USSR

Psichodelinis Šuo consists of Tomas Usovas (guitar), Giedrius Januškevičius (bass) and Paulius Imbrasas (drums), and while they don’t really consider themselves to be a blues rock band, the influence of this particular genre on the group is undeniable.

They’ve been playing together since about 2011 and on November 27th 2015, played a gig at the Largo arts venue in Kaunas alongside Working Hobo.

Psichodelinis Šuo played their one and a half hour set, which was like a full course meal – it had everything from energetic Led Zeppelin-like songs to slower, more romantic ones.

Psichodelinis Šuo

Psichodelinis Šuo performing live at Artistai. (Photo by: Giedrė Trapikaitė)

Although the majority of the tracks featured distorted guitars, the band didn’t lose themselves into a wall of sound – the vocals remained the center of the attention and it was for a good reason: Psichodelinis Šuo’s dreamy lyrics of with Tomas’ vocals are something you wouldn’t want to miss.

For the most part, emerging bands in Lithuania sing in english for variety of reasons, largely due to the ease of expressing themselves better through a foreign language or the idea that singing in English will help them gain popularity abroad.

However, it would seem that ths is not the case for Psichodelinis Šuo. Frontman Tomas writes all band’s lyrics exclusively in Lithuanian, and he believes it’s more natural to him to write in Lithuanian than a foreign language.

Psichodelinis šuo

Tomas performing at Artistai. (Photo by: Giedrė Trapikaitė)

“I had some friends from abroad one time and they said that it’s really weird to hear blues music with Lithuanian vocals – it doesn’t really fit the genre,” he told Music Export Fund.

“The blues has deep roots in American slave music and it’s really different when it’s not sung in english. That’s why I always say that it’s not the blues we play.

“I think that the most important and dear things can be expressed only in the language that you speak every day.”

Psichodelinis Šuo

Psichodelinis Šuo. (Photo by: Giedrė Trapikaitė)

When asked by MXF whether Psichodelinis Šuo is planning on releasing a debut album, he said: “We have three songs on our Bandcamp page.

“We’ve recorded them this Fall with the help of the LMTA students. They are more like demo tracks though. When it comes to album, it’s something different.

“I think our music will have to mature more before releasing a full length album so we’re not planning on it for now.

“Paulius and Giedrius are going away for some time with the Erasmus program next semester, so I think the time apart will be good for us. When they’re back, we’ll see how it goes”.

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