Garbanotas Bosistas

Psychedelic rockers Garbanotas Bosistas sign with Australian publisher

Lithuanian psychedelic rockers, Garbanotas Bosistas, have signed a publishing deal with Australian publisher, Source Music.

The deal was announced on September 8, 2015.

According to the Source Music website, the publisher decided to sign Garbanotas Bosistas after seeing their performance at the Liverpool Sound City festival in the UK, in May this year.

Based in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, the band are no strangers to working with the non-Lithuanian music industry.

In addition to Lithuania and the UK, they have also toured in Latvia, Estonia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Denmark, and Slovenia.

On September 23, Garbanotas Bosistas will be playing in Berlin, with a follow up gig at the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg on the 25th.

On September 13, the foursome will also be performing at the Lituanika 30 festival in Vilnius.

The event will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Lituanika concert, which took place in the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic between 1985 to 1989.

Lituanika 30 will be the first event of its kind since 1989.

Garbanotas Bosistas also launched a new album entitled Above Us in May, 2015. Their first EP, Venera, was released in 2012.

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