When you join the MXF family, we give you all the advice you need to make the most of your music and get further in your professional career. We answer all your questions online, and you can also come to our members-only events and meet experts who will help you understand the best strategies for your situation. We also offer free and discounted services to help you progress. Not bad for only €10/year 🙂


Legal and management advice for all members

We help you to go professional and take your career to the next level.

All our members get a detailed consultation session when they join, to work out the best ways we can help with legal issues, promotion strategies and hooking up with other musicians. And we're always here on email and Facebook if you need advice as your career progresses. Also, our members get access to our exclusive members-only events where experts are available to answer your questions. Members can also watch our events online.


Getting your music heard is a big challenge. We have plenty of ideas and tips for musicians to increase their sales. Let’s talk about the best strategy for you.


The law can be very hard to understand, but MXF members are always welcome to ask us for help with legal issues. We’ll stop you getting ripped off.


We can help you work out your personal tax situation, or advise you on starting a company. It’s not complicated if you have people to help you.

Go professional and get the best distribution deal for your situation.

Get paid on Spotify, iTunes, YouTube and everywhere else!

We help all our members get distributed and get paid fairly.


If you’re an upcoming musician and you need help with contracts, barcodes and all that stuff, we can do all the office work for you while you focus on the music. You can even create your own label and sign up your whole crew.


If you’re releasing a lot of material and you want to handle more of the business yourself, we can get you a deal with distribution partners who will give you more control and a higher percentage of the profits.


If you’re experienced in the music business and you know what you’re doing, we can get you a direct deal with a distributor so you can handle everything yourself, giving you maximum return and flexibility.

Professional promotional services

Get professional help to increase your reach and engagement.

We use only native speakers of English so you won’t find any embarrassing mistakes, and doors will be more likely to open for you.

We give discounts to all our members – JOIN NOW for only €10 and pay the lowest price every time!

Biography €50/€20

300 words describing your style and your achievements, with a one-line summary for use on all your social media channels.

Press release €50/€20

300 words for launching your new album or single, announcing a tour or promoting a crowdfunding campaign.

Name check €20/€10

Check your new artist, label or release name will be attractive to foreign buyers and easy to find on social media and search engines.