Sheep Got Waxed talk their new album and new European tour

The past few weeks have been busy for Vilnius post-jazz trio, Sheep Got Waxed. Really busy.

Having just released their second album “PUSHY”, the band flew to the United Kingdom for the first leg of the album’s support tour. The album itself was recorded mostly in at Big Jelly Studios in Ramsgate, UK, thanks to Andrius Kačanovas, who funded their recording sessions. However, it was finished at Lapes Studios, in Kaunas, Lithuania’s second largest city.

Music Export Fund headed to the threesome’s studio in Vilnius to ask some questions about “PUSHY” and the upcoming tour. After being met by the band’s guitarist, Paulius, and having a cup of tea, we began talking.

Sheep Got Waxed in Riga

Sheep Got Waxed in Riga [photo by: Davis]

“We worked for four years on the first album and two on this one,” he explained. “We are feeling more confident about this release, and the experience we gained over the whole six year period has helped us a lot.”

There were many questions surrounding this album being more electronic than the previous one, and when asked, bandmate Adas outlined that “there’s no more electronic sounds than in our last album, yet the sounds we explored here are a little more electronic. The album itself was recorded mostly live – it wasn’t a produced record, it was a ‘played’ one”.

Sheep Got Waxed are certain that they haven’t lost any of their spontaneity, but they admit that some improvised tracks do have a certain structure. However, they insist that it is not a sign of the band becoming boring or formulaic.

When I asked the band about recording in Great Britain, they told me that it was all thanks to Andrius Kačanovas, and saxophonist Simonas described it as “perfect.”

Sheep Got Waxed in the Big Jelly Studio

Big Jelly Studio Got Waxed [photo by: Andrius Kačanovas]

“We had perfect conditions,” he said. “We lived in the studio he rented for us: we ate there, we slept there, we partied, played and recorded there. It was a fun week.”

“Practically we made the whole record in the studio,” Paulius added. “We went there without a full song list, so it was just a few ideas in our heads. When we first went into the studio, we were blank, but after digging around in our old practice material, some tracks started to appear.”

“We had a deadline so we had to record the tracks. If this opportunity hadn’t come up and if not for the continued efforts of our manager Gabrielė Tamutytė and her Tilto Namai agency, then it is completely possible that we wouldn’t be holding our second album right now.”

“There are no studios like Big Jelly in Lithuania,” Adas explained. “We needed a studio where we could record at least three musicians with acoustic instruments at the same time while seeing and hearing each other. This studio had all the right equipment, because it was all analogue!”

Sheep Got Waxed believe the quality of the record is not the only criteria for a quality product, but the atmosphere in which it is recorded is of equal importance. The Ramsgate-based studio is located in an old renovated church, and according to them, the week-long recording session was an exceptional experience.

November 2016 will be a pretty momentous month for the band. In addition to the release of PUSHY, their first music video was released, and you can check it out below.

The United Kingdom and Lithuania are not the only stops on Sheep Got Waxed’s PUSHY tour. This year they will also be playing in Latvia, Estonia and Spain… and their only wish from the tour?

“That next year will be even more successful and we can continue to spread our music all over the world.”

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