Neteisėtai Padaryti

Singing mimes: Neteisėtai Padaryti

When was the last time you saw a talking mime? How about a singing one?

Well, just in case you haven’t, now you have the chance to see two singing ones. They perform often, and all you need to do is follow their Facebook page. Called Neteisėtai Padaryti, the group formed in 2012 and have now gained quite the following in Lithuania.Neteisėtai PadarytiIn English, Neteisėtai Padaryti translates as Made Without Permission. I’m guessing you already understand why they called themselves that. Hint: singing mimes (as if talking mimes weren’t illegal enough).

On 18th of June, they sang in Vilnius’ Artistai pub.

Neteisėtai Padaryti

From left to right: Henrikas Piktuižis, Šarūnas Gedvilas, Mantė Gužėnaitė, Rokas Petrauskas. Or as they prefer it – the slim one, the little one and those two at the back.

The concert was amazing. Rokas and Šarūnas are not only singers, they are also actors. This was evident from first minute they set foot on stage.

It seemed like they have a story for every song and turned the concert into a play. In fact, they created this atmosphere where you really couldn’t distinguish between concert and theater.

Neteisėtai Padaryti

P.S. It’s only an act

Most musicians communicate with the audience, but Neteisėtai Padaryti completely broke the fourth wall – they asked questions, danced, played jokes, hosted a balloon blowing competition, and even gave away their CDs. The band members describe their music as mime rock. If you haven’t heard of this new style of music and went to search for examples, I’m sorry for the disappointment, but you won’t find anything. But hey, singing mimes are not exactly usual, are they?

As for me, half of the time I wanted to sing along (I didn’t, only because I don’t really know the lyrics to many of their songs), but some of the people in the audience did, which was greatly encouraged and welcomed by the band.Neteisėtai PadarytiThough fast and entertaining, their songs can really give food for thought – I would say they’re all truthful, sincere and  not without a healthy dose of irony.

“I never wanted to commit suicide; I never wanted to end myself, because I’m a little thoughtful. I never knew how to go with the flow; I never knew how to give into hesitation, because I’m a little thoughtful. I give up and when I feel down, I don’t really care about anything, because I’m not thoughtful anymore.”

These are words from the song Galvotas (thoughtful), a song they performed as part of their set. If you head to YouTube, you’ll see the music video:

Neteisėtai Padaryti

After the performance: friendly, nice, taking time to pose.

In conclusion, to see the extraordinary, and to experience theater and music combined, go and see Neteisėtai Padaryti. You won’t be disappointed.

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