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Solo Ansamblis Live at Orixo

Solo Ansamblis is a four piece band from Vilnius. All of the members are professional actors who met while studying. They then formed a band together. Last week they released their debut album, ‘Roboxai’ which features their new sound – instead of their former sung-poetry, they switched to post-punk mixed with techno-esque electronic music.

The release of ‘Roboxai’ was marked by a mini tour throughout Lithuania. After their first show in Vilnius, Solo Ansamblis then visited the Orixo venue in Kaunas.

Despite switching from sung poetry – the Lithuanian equivalent of folk music here – the foursome have stuck to their stance of romantic lyrics and the cold, dark, post-punk words create a fine mix which is reminiscent of classic Lithuanian bands like Foje or Lemon Joy. However, Solo Ansamblis make them sound refreshing and new.

The foursome call themselves a ‘sad-dance’ band and it is pretty much the best definition of the group – people in Orixo were dancing subtly and almost awkwardly, yet it felt appropriate for the evening.

Solo ansamblis

The majority of the set consisted of the tracks from ‘Roboxai’, and considering that the album was released just one day before the show, it was not surprising that a large number of the songs were new for the audience.

However, tracks like ‘Įstriži Žiburiai’ and ‘Juoda Juoda Juoda Naktis’ – which have already received considerable radio play over the past few months – were complete sing-alongs; especially the latter, which was enhanced by a marvellous laser show.

I can’t bring myself to say that it was an energetic show. In fact, it was the complete. At some point, the musicians appeared to be quite stiff but I’m saying this as a good thing – it felt natural. Solo Ansamblis wanted to create a melancholic, borderline misanthropic atmosphere and they did it wonderfully.

I have no doubt that Solo Ansamblis will be the next big thing from Lithuania – the rave-like techno, the dark, lonely post-punk and the gentle voices of Jonas and Vytautas create a band like no other.

Photos by: Aistė Matuzaitė


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